Sync iPhone Contacts in Three Easy Steps

In our hectic lives, many of us are too busy to track our phone sync settings. Often, the default situation is that a phone will sync to a work email server or to the Cloud, but not vice-versa. Sooner or later, the user finds that he or she expected an important contact to be present on their phones because they entered it at work, but find it is not. Happily, there is a simple solution: take advantage of the powerful Google Contacts platform to keep all of your devices loaded with your latest contact information. This keeps your information current and streamlined (no multiple versions of the same contact information.)

Step 1: Check Your Basic Connection With Google Contacts

Most users will find that Google Contacts already has their latest information, but it is always a good idea to start with the basics and check the first link. Do this by making sure that you have a Gmail or Google Calendar account associated with your phone. Then follow the menu items Contacts -> Accounts -> Google. Make sure that the switch is flipped to “On”. If the option is not available, check your connection to your Google Account.

Step 2: Setup the Two-way Sync With Google Contacts

Performing Step 1 ensures that your Google Account will send contacts to your phone, but the converse is not necessarily true. According to this post by Contactually, to enable the second link of the two-way sync, make sure that your default grouping is Google Contacts. The Default Account screen will generally show several account choices including your Google service: Gmail or Google Calendar. Make sure your primary Google service is checked. This way, contacts will flow both directions, from your phone to your Google Account and vice-versa.

Step 3: Finish Up

Before completing setup, make sure that the initial contact list matches for both the phone and your Google Account. Do this by following these directions, paraphrased from the Google Support Site:

  • With an iPhone or other Apple device, use vCard files to transfer contacts
  • For other device types, follow the directions to export contacts, then import the contact list into Gmail

By following these easy steps, all of your devices and storage spaces will be in sync, just as you expect them to be.

Try Before You Commit

If you are not confident with this procedure, try following the steps with some dummy contacts and test accounts. Be sure you are familiar and comfortable with the procedure to sync iPhone contacts before risking any of the information in your real contacts list.

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