Staying Ice Cool During The Summer So It Doesn’t Affect Your Style

Summer time is amazing, apart from one thing; it gets so hot. The heat is unbearable and uncomfortable, but more pertinently it can ruin your style in minutes. Just imagine the scene. You have spent a great deal of time and effort to get ready and look good for the summer months ahead, only for the heat to ruin it all in one foul swoop. What’s your only defence? Staying cool as the heat intensifies, which is easier said than done. If you struggle to keep your calm in the summer, follow these cool tips so your style isn’t affected.

Wear Baggy Clothing

Tight tops and t-shirts are made to make you feel uncomfortable when the winter has left. Because they hug your body and trap the heat, they increase your body heat and make you sweat more. Baggy clothing, then, is essential. Baggy clothing is obviously not as tight so it doesn’t create extra body heat, but it also has a built-in air conditioner. Loose fitting t-shirts let air in that cools your body down.

Also, coordinate your colour scheme to stop your body from absorbing any heat. Dark, matte colours absorb the sun’s rays, whereas light colours reflect it away.

Keep A Water Bottle To Hand

Dehydration is the enemy. If you allow yourself to get dehydrated, you will soon find yourself in a very uncomfortable state. Water in your system will allow the blood capillaries to push to the surface and open, letting you cool down in the process. Or, if you want to get more inventive, just splash some cold water on your face! The moisture from the water on your face will evaporate and this lowers your body temperature.

Another neat trick is a portable fan, which can be worth their weight in gold when you are hot and flustered.

Get The Air Con Working

Don’t get to the summer months without a fully functioning air conditioning unit. It is not big and it isn’t clever! Houses can feel even hotter than outside and this can totally ruin your style if you start to sweat and perspire. The air con will keep the cold air pumping around your house all day so you don’t have to worry about a hair being out of place. If your unit isn’t working, ring an AC replacement company to sort it out. Quickly!

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Avoid Caffeine

It is a hard decision to stop drinking alcohol over the summer, so no one is going to expect you to be T-total even though it promotes dehydration. But, there are other drinks that cause dehydration so stay well clear of them. Coffee is the main one or anything with caffeine.

No Strenuous Activity

Have some common sense and don’t go running around in the summer sun. You are bound to lose your cool and your style. Instead, take it easy and relax. Sit down, have a beer and a chat and enjoy everyone’s company.

Now you can spend the summer without having to worry about how you look. Have you followed these tips? Then you look great, obviously!

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Published on: June 15, 2015

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