Stay Trendy This Winter

As the winter is now upon us, the shorts and t-shirts have taken a back seat in favour of warmer clothes. Now you might think that due to the necessity for baggy padded clothing in winter it means you can’t be fashionable. This could not be further from the truth. As a modern man of the world it is possible for you to look trendy whatever day, season or event you encounter.

In the warmer months fashion is all around. You could happily walk down the street in those walking sandals for men you picked up in June. But as it’s gotten colder it’s unlikely you’ll be wearing those anytime soon. Winter fashion is often frowned upon as people tend to forgo fashion for warmth in the colder months. But warmth doesn’t have to mean baggy. Instead, you can wear trendy, fitted garments that compliment your style as well as keeping you warm.

Bulkiness can be replaced by heavier materials like wool and cotton that stay fitted but also preserve warmth. There are several things that you can do this winter to preserve your fashion sense as well as fight against the cold.

Here are some top tips for looking trendy this winter:

  • Pick Your Material

The most important part of protecting against the elements while staying trendy is to pick the right materials. You want to favour clothing made of materials that are warm, but can also be utilised well.

The best bets will be cotton and wool. As a rule, you may want cotton for inner garments such as shirts and trousers and wool for outer garments such as jumpers and jackets. Wool is by far the warmest so you may not want to wear a woollen shirt inside in front of a roaring fire!

  • Accessorize

It’s not only women who are allowed to accessorize! Nowadays mens accessorizing is becoming more and more popular. In the winter months, this is almost a necessity, and many men’s accessories are winter based garments.

Scarves are a great look. You can wear these in any season at any time of year but in the winter you should favour thicker scarves made of warm material. Cashmere, for instance, is a popular material for scarves due to its warmth. Scarves also look great and can add an extra touch to any outfit. They are particularly good if you do not want to wear a winter coat. You might just favour a light jacket or blazer to maintain style. In this instance, a scarf is ideal as it will add warmth and make your outfit look even better.

Hats are also becoming a popular winter accessory for men. They protect your head and ears from the elements and mean you don’t have to let your hair grow too long. To complete the look you could even try out a fetching pair of leather gloves. These improve grip, flexibility and warmth over woollen gloves. If you don’t have any pop some on your Christmas list.

  • Layers

Making sure you wear layers is another important part of this process. You don’t want to overdo it and make it look like you’re wearing seven sweaters, but at the same time you do want to layer sensibly.

Favour functionality above all. You might want to start with a vest or t-shirt with a shirt on top. Then you could add a jumper and/or jacket. Finishing off the attire with a trendy scarf or tie will leave you looking great and feeling warmth and comfort.

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