Spend Less Time Working Out and Get Better Results: Your Introduction to HIIT

If you want to take the steps to get fit once and for all, this post is going to teach you a few things that will probably surprise you. You don’t need to spend hours and hours in the gym, contrary to what most people think. It isn’t about spending hours plugging away on the treadmill, or doing exercise class after exercise class. In fact, you don’t need to spend much time working out at all to get great results. How? Take a look at this introduction to HIIT:

What is HIIT?

HIIT stands for ‘high intensity interval training’. Instead of spending hours doing a particular workout or exercise, you’ll spend less time doing it more intensely. Some HIIT workouts can be as little as 15 minutes long!

Why is HIIT More Effective?

The idea is that if you’re working hard enough, you don’t need to work for hours and hours. In fact, if you’re working longer than an hour in the gym you could be hindering the progress you’re trying to make. This is because your body can begin to eat away at its muscle. Muscle is what can help to give our bodies a lean appearance, so the last thing we want is to lose it. Working out by doing HIIT is effective because it burns not only calories, but fat too. It also helps you to preserve the maximum amount of muscle during your workouts. The main reason many people love this kind of workout is because it continues to burn fat and calories long after you’ve stopped working out! This is totally opposite to people who work out for hours on end at a steady pace; their bodies stop burning calories as soon as they stop. They’ve also started to tap into their muscle stores rather than their fat stores.

Instead of working out longer, the aim is to work out smarter.

The Difference Between Fat and Muscle

Many people get confused when it comes to achieving their dream body. They think that the number needs to go down on the scales, but that isn’t necessarily true. If you’re burning muscle rather than fat, the number could go down on the scales, but that doesn’t mean you’ve gotten any smaller or leaner. In fact, you will probably have a ‘skinny fat’ appearance. Measuring yourself is much better, because then you know if you’ve lost inches. If you have, you’ve managed to burn fat and will probably have a leaner appearance! You know what else? You might even weigh more on the scales, because you’re packing on that tight muscle. But who cares as long as you’re getting smaller and improving your physique?

Examples of a HIIT Workout

There are many examples of HIIT workouts out there. You can check out this review of a fitness program for more guidance. There will be a HIIT workout suited to you whether you like running, lifting, or body weight exercises.

Try it, and you’ll be amazed at the results you can achieve in a short amount of time!

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