Should You Buy A Porsche 911?

I remember when I was a young lad one of my favourite cars that I always dreamt of owning when I was older was the iconic Porsche 911. This model has been in production for more than 51 years now and has been constantly redeveloped over the years without losing its basic shape or appeal that makes so many people yearn to own such a luxurious sports car at least once in their lives!

As I write this blog post, I have now got to the stage in my life where I could quite comfortably afford to buy a Porsche 911, both in terms of actual vehicle cost, as well as the cost of maintenance and insurance.

I am going to assume that you are pondering whether to buy one of these fine masterpieces of German engineering or not, but are perhaps hesitant about owning such a car, especially if you have never owned a Porsche before. In this blog post, I will talk you through the pros and cons of buying a Porsche 911 so that you can decide whether this is really the car for you or not!


The first thing you need to think about is whether you can really afford to buy a Porsche 911 or not! Brand new, one of these beasts will set you back nearly £74k for the basic Carrera model, or £142k for the top of the range Turbo S model.

Of course, many folks tend to buy Porsche 911 cars when they are a few years old as they are much-more affordable to the masses; for example, a 9-year old Porsche 911 Carrera coupe can be bought for a mere £17k.

Ongoing costs

Spending money doesn’t just stop with the actual purchase price of the Porsche 911, because you have to pay for petrol, servicing and repairs, tax and insurance. For some people, it’s the ongoing costs that can make them wish they never bought the car in the first place, so it’s important that you factor in likely running costs.

According to Inchcape Porsche, the cost of a major service for a Porsche 911 amounts to £395 including VAT; this can amount to just under a month’s finance payment!

Insurance is also another big expense to consider when buying a Porsche 911, regardless of whether it is new or used. Some people find that if they become a member of an owner’s club, such as Porsche Club Great Britain, it can help them to negotiate lower premiums.

Reasons to buy

People generally buy a Porsche 911 because it suits their lifestyle and it’s a car that they have always wanted to own. These models are marketed not for their practicality or their cheap motoring costs, but because they look and sound awesome!

It is one of the more prestigious sports cars you will ever own, and if you are generally doing well for yourself in a financial sense, what better car is there to buy and celebrate this fact than the Porsche 911?

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