Security Additions For Your Home

Protecting your family is every man’s number one priority, so security is a crucial aspect of your home. Even if you’re lucky enough to live in a safe, comfortable area, crime is a sad reality of even the most highly regarded neighborhoods. Security features are a great way to prevent the worst from happening, so consider building these necessary improvements to keep you and your family safe and sound.


Alarm Systems

high-quality home security system with an alarm is easy to install in your home- all it takes is a call to your local respected security company. Swallow your pride and let the professionals install this one though, as installing it incorrectly could be a hugely risky error.

Just as important as actually having the system installed, however, is ensuring that any potential criminals are aware that you’re protected. The Office of Community Oriented Police Service has said that many thieves will intentionally avoid houses that have security system company signs displayed, picking homes they feel are less well protected instead to avoid getting caught in the act. Put up a security sign letting everyone who passes your home know that you’re defended, and it’ll go along way to deter would-be intruders.


Go High Tech 

Got a standard lock on your door? If you’re sick of losing your keys at the last minute and nervous about criminals easily breaking or picking your lock to make their way into your home, consider investing in a fingerprint or keypad door lock. These high tech locks let you use a pin, like the one you’d use with your security system) to unlock your front door. The fancier ones even let you use your fingerprint to unlock the door, much like some high end smartphones do these days.

Many of these new locks are fairly easy to install and don’t cost as much as you might expect, so consider looking into this alternative if you’re uncomfortable with your basic lock system.


Turn Up The Lights

Darkness is the easiest way for a burglar to hide, so make any potential burglars feel far less secure by updating the lighting systems in your home. Add some extra yard lighting to your backyard and front driveway and walkway with motion detections built in so that any movement in the dark of night is immediately spotted and brought to your attention.

Many people leave lights on in their home while away from the house to fool burglars into thinking somebody is home, but this can be a costly waste of energy. Get hold of some energy saving light bulbs instead and you’ll be able to keep your home secure without burning through your electricity budget


Install A Safe

If you have particularly valuable possessions in your home that you don’t want to risk having out in the open just in case an intruder ever does make it past your security system, consider investing in a solid, impenetrable safe. Make sure that only you and those very close to you are aware of the combination code- a thief is very unlikely to even want to waste time standing around trying to work out the combination, so unless James Bond is burgling you, your prized possessions should remain secure.


Fire Security

One of the worst threats to your family doesn’t come from human intruders, but from fires. We all know just how devastating fires can be, so protecting your home from this danger is crucial. Install a smoke detector and heat detector and make sure that every room in your house is well covered by the detection system. Test your detectors on a regular basis to make sure that they’re still operating well.

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