Retired Early? Here’s Some Ideas To Stop You Becoming A Couch Potato

If you spent much of your life saving for an early retirement, and eventually managed to realise your dream, you might find yourself at a loose end. It is normal for a retiree to sit about and twiddle their thumbs for a while when they find they have nothing to do, but it is vital that you don’t allow it to go on for too long. Many men find that they spend too much time in front of the television. They pile on the pounds thanks to the new languid lifestyle.


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Does that sound like you? You must do something! If you are on the lookout for sports and hobbies that will make life fun, you have come to the right place. Here are some excellent ideas to stop you becoming a couch potato.

SCUBA Diving

Why not enter the world of self-contained underwater breathing apparatus diving? It is a hobby that turns into a passion for many men. There is much to learn, so expect to exercise your mind with the technical aspects. The aim of this form of diving is to achieve neutral buoyancy by adding weights and using an artificial swim  bladder. If you are on the portly side, you will need extra weight because fat floats. The exercise will help you to shed a few pounds, and the way you look in a wetsuit will encourage you.

The Full Eighteen

If you look at golf and wonder what attracts people to it, you should give it a try. The game is addictive as you compete with yourself to improve your handicap. You will strive to perfect your swing so that you can achieve par on the professional courses. There is no limit to the amount of practice you can put in thanks to the golf mats and nets you can use at home. Contrary to popular belief, it takes much effort to complete an eighteen hole course. If you seek exercise, golf is the answer.

Hang Gliding

Now that your life is secure, you might find that all of the excitement is missing. Take up a high-risk sport such as hang gliding to exercise your adrenal gland once more. They say that the thrill of putting your life on the line is second to none. Are you up for the challenge?


Tennis is a social game because you can’t play it on your own. There is a club in most towns and cities that will provide you with a healthy social life. You might find yourself playing in tournaments in no time.


You will find hiking trails on most maps of the countryside. Make it your mission to explore one of them every week. Most of us don’t experience the great outdoors as much as we should. You have a golden opportunity.

There is no excuse; you must get up and do something right away. If you sit around for too long, you might regret retiring, which can have disastrous effects. Heaven forbid that the thought of taking another job crosses your mind!

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