Pump Up Your Productivity

Ever have one of those days where you’re sat at your desk all day but by the time sunset rolls around you realise you’ve done nothing of any real value? We’ve all been there. Unproductive days at the office may not be a big deal every once in a while, particularly if you’re nursing a bad cold or a slight hangover, but when they start to add up they can do real damage to your career.

Avoid another wasted day at work with these productivity-boosting tips.


Get Some Exercise

We all know that exercise is a must-do for a great body, healthy heart and happy mind, but exercise can also do wonders for your work performance. Not only does a quick jog wake up your brain, it can also improve your focus in the hours following the workout. Make time for a gym session before work or head out during your lunch hour for a run and you’ll see your concentration skyrocket.


Sleep Well

The biggest stumbling block to your productivity is a poor night’s rest. Try to get at least eight hours every night to keep your brain in the best possible condition- this means occasionally skipping out those late night Netflix marathons and long sessions at the pub. Hit the hay earlier than usual to ensure a productive performance the next day.


Go Outside

Don’t be tempted to spend your break time with a cup of coffee and a scroll through your social media updates. Use the time wisely and head outside for some fresh air- the sunlight and change of scenery will help rejuvenate you for the hours ahead.


Plan Your Day

As soon as you sit down at your desk in the morning, make a clear list or timetable of everything you want to accomplish by the time you clock out. Try to structure the time realistically and make space for breaks and potential problems. You’ll then be able to face the day with a clear sense of direction, and each item you check off your list will feel like a small victory.


Keep Your Goals In Mind

When you’re heading into the same office every day, it can be easy to lose sight of your bigger ambitions and fall into an unproductive rut. Post reminders for yourself of your career goals and keep that ultimate destination in mind at all times- it just might pull you through the monotonous tasks ahead.

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Published on: May 22, 2014

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