Partner Asking for a House Renovation? Here’s How to Do It

If your partner have been nagging you about improving your home, then there are some things you should know. First, it does not have to be expensive. Second, it does not have to take a lot of time. Third and perhaps most importantly you will need to do some planning. Write down a number. It does not matter what that number is as long as you know you can afford it. Decide what you want to buy, where you are going to buy it from and how much it will cost. You can then begin but first why not look at some of these ideas to easily make every area of your house feel more like a home.

The Kitchen


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People spend thousands on kitchen renovations and for what? A fancy floor that you will probably slip and slide across every time you enter the room. Go simpler. Clean the floor surface you have already. We do mean a proper clean. Buy some stain remover and polish and make those tiles gleam. Do you still want to dig them up? If you are looking for more space, then inspect your kitchen carefully. How often do you really use that smoothie machine you bought two years ago? It may be time to put some things away. Instead of changing all your cupboards and furniture, buy some new handles. Fix them on and they will look like brand new products. Have the hot and cold symbols worn off your taps? Then look into buying some new kitchen taps at low prices. Give the room you cook in a little more style without spending a small fortune.

The Living Room

Is that new big TV taking up a lot of space? You can buy a wall mount that swings out for an easy, comfortable watching experience. Is the centre of your room looking bare? Buy an extra long coffee table and turn the room into a place for some real discussion. You can also think about re-varnishing your furniture. Some new pillows will make your sofa look modern again even if it has seen some wear and tear. Consider buying some throws to protect the material and make your living room look homely.

The Bedrooms

Adding a large mirror to your bedroom will help you look your best and make the space look bigger. This may be important if you are considering selling your home in the future. You can also think about replacing the doors on your wardrobe with something more modern. This is very easy to do if they are built in. Why not add some lamps and a small chest of draws to the side or your bed. Or put up a small overhanging light and create the perfect spot for some late night reading.

Here’s a top tip if you are thinking about starting a family. For two hundred pounds and one week of work, you can put the night sky over your baby’s head. Creating a false ceiling and adding some fairy lights will give the room a magical and soothing quality.

Have fun improving your home. If you still want to go for the whole works you can, but we suggest trying this option first. Your partner may be pleasantly surprised by the results. You can find other low cost improvements to your home online now.


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Published on: June 1, 2015

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