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  • Are 4G phone contracts worth the extra cost?

    Many men may wonder if it is worth their money to invest in a 4G contract over a 3G contract, but everyone’s needs are different. Every guy has a job and family responsibilities that are completely different even from the guy that works in the next office over, the next cubicle or next door. You …

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  • Which Suit Colour is Right For You?

    Every single man should have at least a small collection of suits for the important events that they will experience throughout their life. From weddings to job interviews, an impeccable suit is the first thing that will be noticed, but not all suits are created equal. It is essential for everyone to know which suit …

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  • Tuxedo: buy or rent?

    When it comes to black tie events, renting a tuxedo can be a serious inconvenience. For this reason, many young men are trending toward purchasing their own. Sometimes this makes sense, and other times it isn’t the best option. The question is: how do you know which is right for you? The answer is in …

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  • Ditch the Gag Ties: 4 Ties You Should be Wearing Instead

    A bold tie can truly be a fashion asset for a man. It should be able to make a great first impression without stealing the whole show. Whether you wear a tie every day for work or you need something special for a first date, you’ll thank yourself for choosing the right tie. So ditch …

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