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  • Electric Cars: Are They Finally Cool?

    Technology is changing our world for the better. One of the biggest advances of the last decade has been electric cars that can compete with traditional vehicles. Even though electric cars remain controversial, they still continue to grow in popularity. In fact, it is estimated that electric car use increased by 84 percent between 2012 …

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  • Telematics: savings vs privacy concerns

    In recent years, GPS navigators and tracking systems have become popular options for consumers wanting to abandon the paper map and get to their destinations quicker. GPS has more potential than just as a navigation tool though, and has been adopted into telematics systems. These are not only capable of giving people detailed directions to …

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  • Best Super Cars 2014

    Since 1920, car manufacturers have enticed male audiences worldwide with super cars. These unique, sleek, and forward-thinking sports cars are produced in limited numbers to give buyers a sense of exclusivity and prestige. Besides being beautifully designed, super cars come equipped with customized engines that allow drivers to attain higher speeds than conventional cars on

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  • Best SUVs of 2014

    SUV’s remain a premier choice for the outdoor adventurer as well as for the urban explorer. With better MPG’s and more options than ever before, the selection of 2014 SUV’s is better than ever! Toyota With seven different SUV’s and crossovers to choose from, Toyota makes it hard for a potential SUV buyer to look …

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  • Eco-cool: Manly cars that also help the environment

    Buying a new car is a big decision, a big purchase. What type of car should you consider that will satisfy your car buying needs today while also taking into account your potential needs in the upcoming years? If you are a man that cares about the environment yet still wants big bang for your …

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  • Best Smart Watches

    Watches may have taken a dip in popularity as smartphones became more a part of daily life, but the trend is quickly changing. Now, watches have combined with smart devices to make a smartwatch that men are opting to wear for both style and tech convenience. Here is a look at the top options available …

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  • Android vs iPhone vs Windows Phone 8

    When it comes to the smartphone industry, the three true competitors are Android, iPhone and Windows. While there are other options out there, these three are the biggest competitors to maintain a hefty share of the industry market. And this is for good reason, as they each offer plenty of features and benefits that set …

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  • Best DSLRs of 2014

    DSLRs are a hot commodity these days, and this means quite a few choices will have to be made by those that are on the hunt for these flexible cameras. From unique features and ergonomics to picture quality and durability, it is important to find a balance depending on the type of use that one …

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  • Is Big Always Better? The Phablet Debate

    Wading through the cerebral technobabble, over modified RGB subpixel screen structures, extra capacity batteries, and high performance UI versatility, makes shopping for a new smart phone or phablet sound a bit too much like a geek fest. Will the manual explain how to engage the flux capacitor? Who’s fooling who here? When stripping away all …

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  • Tablet vs Laptop

    In today’s tech market, two devices reign supreme: the tablet and the laptop. However, while both of these gadgets can perform a wide variety of tasks on the go, each one has features that the other lacks. When you’re deciding on which to buy, this can make your choice tricky. Here is a closer look …

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