Packing In Style

Whether you’re heading off for a business trip or taking a family vacation away, packing your bag right will set you up for the perfect trip. Get it wrong and you could end up with nothing that matches, clothes for the wrong weather conditions and none of your essential items. Get it right and you’ll be ready to face your trip in style.


Use Separate Storage

Don’t just throw everything into your suitcase altogether- make sure you’re as organized as possible with separate storage containers. Collapsible mesh storage units can fit neatly into your suitcase, leaving everything perfectly folded and crease-free and making sure you know exactly where everything is when you arrive. Fold your shirts, pants, ties and jackets into these storage cases and you’ll save space while creating some structure to your packing.

Roll Up

If you’re fairly limited when it comes to space, make room for your larger items by rolling up things like boxers and casual t-shirts into tight rolls and then use them to fill in gaps between the rest of your clothes.

Miniaturize Your Toiletries

Heading off for a trip is no excuse to skimp on your usual grooming routine, but you may want to downsize your toiletries when you pack. Invest in some smaller bottles to fill up with your shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, shave cream and styling products and fit them into a travel toiletry case. Make sure everything is tightly sealed and that your case is kept separate from your business clothes in case a leakage occurs en route.

Don’t forget the airline regulations involving liquids and keep your toiletries in your checked luggage if possible, or make sure they’re small enough to avoid the new restrictions.

Protect Your Clothes

Separate your shoes from the rest of your clothes with special shoe cases. This will stop any dirt from spreading onto your clean white shirts and keep your shoes scuff-free, so you’re business ready as soon as you step off the plane.

Plan Your Carry On

Pack your carry on case a few days ahead of time to ensure that you have everything you need for your journey. Make sure your passport, tickets, chargers and itinerary are all ready to go in your bag, and throw in anything you might need to keep you occupied on the move. Books, magazines and music definitely won’t go amiss, but don’t over-pack or you’ll end up with a heavy load to lug around the airport for hours.

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