Out-of-the-Box Sports to Try in 2015

A new year can mean many things. Maybe this year it means the desire to try out a new sport. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, you will already know that there are a great deal of sports to choose from. You can choose one of the more conventional sports, like swimming, basketball or soccer, or you can try something new and interesting. Here are some out-of-the-box sports you might want to look into for the coming year.


Spearfishing is the adventurous person’s answer to regular fishing. There are many different techniques involved, depending on where you want to fish. These include hunting in shallow water, spearfishing under rocks, and bottom and blue water hunting. This would be a great sport to try if you are already a fishing aficionado or someone who would like to add an exciting element to swimming. If this sounds like the sport for you, a fishing specialist, such as
MOTackle, can help you find the right equipment to get you started and on your way.

Chess Boxing

If you think chess boxing must be a strange but exhilarating combination of chess and boxing, you would be correct! This sport truly combines brains and brawn, so try your luck if you think you have what it takes. Chess boxing has its origins in Europe, where it has slowly grown to be a popular non-conventional sport.


Made famous in New Zealand, zorbing involves placing yourself in a very big inflatable ball and rolling down a hill. You can roll down a big hill or opt for a gentler slope, depending on your level of excitement or your confidence in your skill to control the zorb. You can race against a friend and even make up your own competitions. Zorbs can accommodate three people, so you can also race another family or group of people, making it a great communal sport as well.

Mobile Phone Toss

If you ever feel like you need to vent your feelings about your mobile phone in a competitive environment, this sport is definitely for you. One of the more unusual of the throwing sports, the mobile phone toss has become so popular that there is even a Mobile Throwing World Championship that you might be able to participate in.


This sport was invented in Spain and combines elements of volleyball, football and gymnastics. Played on an inflatable court complete with trampolines, bossaball is for those who want to try something new and test their athleticism at the same time.

These are some out-of-the-box sports you could try in 2015, but this is hardly an exhaustive list (though most of these sports would be exhausting). If you don’t think any of these are for you, do some research and see what else you can discover. If nothing take your fancy still, maybe you should create your own sport – who knows, it might become the next big thing!

What out-of-the-box sports do you think everyone should try? Have you heard of any that sound interesting that aren’t in the list above? Leave your thought

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