Non-surgical Options to Treat Male Hair Loss

Alopecia is the medically correct term for baldness, or hair loss, and it will affect up to 70% of men at some point in their lifetime. Hair loss has been found to have a debilitating affect on men’s self esteem and their opinion of their own attractiveness. Many men set great store by hair as a barometer of physical attractiveness and losing their hair can have a great impact on this. Male hair loss has been linked to depression and decreased confidence for many. There are several treatments available for male hair loss; some of the least invasive and non-surgical options can be found through cosmetic surgeries such as Cosmos Clinic. One non surgical option for treating male hair loss is actually a dual modal approach utilising both PRP and Platelet Rich Plasma, combined with Skin Needling.

Skin Needling

Using a local anaesthetic cream and a needle rolling hand piece passed over the scalp, this procedure incurs only mild discomfort. The needles pierce the skin to the second layer in order to reach the hair follicles. A PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) infusion is then applied where it can be absorbed directly into the scalp. As the skin is kept intact, it is able to regenerate and promote hair regrowth in the follicle area. Stem cells in this area activate the hair growth cycle.

This specialised treatment for hair loss usually requires three to five sessions; one every two to four weeks, with a hair growth review at six months and the option to ‘top up’ your treatment at eight or nine months. As there is no surgery required to treat male hair loss this way, your procedures can be done quickly with very little recovery time. Skin may appear red and flushed for a few hours after the sessions but this and any minimal swelling should subside in 24 hours or less.

As much of the follicle stimulation takes place beneath the skin’s surface, new hair growth should become visible three to four months after treatment, and improves from this time over several weeks.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

The PRP component of the treatment involves taking a small amount of blood from you – similar to when you have a blood test. Your blood sample spends a few minutes in a centrifuge to separate out the plasma; the platelet rich plasma is then extracted from the sample and infused directly into your skin where its unique healing properties can begin the process of restoring your head hair.

Male hair loss can impact even the most outgoing people in a negative way. Many men become withdrawn and unhappy with their overall appearance, voluntarily excluding themselves from social interactions. New non-surgical procedures like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) combined with Skin Needling offer solutions that are fast, effective and have little or no down time. This means that sufferers of male hair loss can receive treatment with minimal interruption to their daily routine, making it a time effective choice for many.

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