Must-Have Apps For The Modern Man

Smartphone apps have the potential to change your life. Think about all of the minor inconveniences in your life. Lots of these will add up to major stresses that drain your energy and sap your happiness over the course of time. You should be looking for ways to cut these difficult, stressful instances out of your life once and for all. And apps are a fantastic way of achieving this. They fit in your pocket, and they can change the way you live your life. By addressing the little things that used to be such a big worry, they leave you to address the bigger important things. Here are a few of the must-have apps for the modern man.

SAS Survival App

This is a fun little app that can be a novelty or a genuine tool for survival. The SAS Survival Guide was once a stocking-filler book that was cool to have around the house. It’s now been converted into an app that you can have on you at any time, with sections on all parts of survival from kindling fires through to treating injuries. You should think of it like a swiss army knife in app form, as it has so many applications all of which can be used in many different circumstances. This is the perfect choice for you, whether you’re heading out camping or broken down on the side of the road. Be prepared.


This is a handy little app that allows you to identify who is calling you, even if it would normally be an unknown number. It enables reverse cell phone number lookups which means that you don’t have to answer the phone without knowing who you’re going to talk to. Had a few drinks and want to avoid the boss? Getting a call from a potential employer and want to make sure you’re prepared for the telephone interview? This app is a great way of avoiding those awkward few moments where you don’t know how to behave on the phone.


You should also realise the enormous potential that apps have to help you procrastinate. Sitting on the bus, you shouldn’t really be playing that addictive little minigame that your friends invited you to should you? You should be doing something more positive. Oyster is billed as a “Netflix for books”, meaning that you can access hundreds of novels and tomes from thousands of authors at a moment’s notice. Apps like these are fantastic little ways to start bettering yourself in your spare time.

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Cocktails Made Easy

Use this handy app to figure out how to impress your date with any number of classic cocktails. You can input whatever type of cocktail you’re in the mood for, and the app will walk you through the process step by step. No more fiddling around with some dog-eared old book. Now your phone can make sure that you’re as suave as can be when she comes back to yours for a drink.

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