Moving to London? Consider These Up and Coming Boroughs


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There are plenty of reasons why moving to London might be a smart move. Perhaps you’ve been offered a job there? Maybe there’s a romantic reason for moving? Or, you could just want to relocate for the excellent atmosphere and nightlife. If you are planning on heading to London, then there are some things you should know. The first is that living in Central London is going to be near on impossible. Unless you’re a millionaire. The second is that there are some kind of cool boroughs on the outskirts of the city. These up and coming areas aren’t too expensive to rent in, but they’ve got everything you could possibly need. And, they’re all within easy travelling distance to the centre. Here are some up and coming boroughs to consider if you’re moving to London.


It was voted one of the best boroughs of London to live in, without having to pay an arm and a leg. If you’re interested, Islington and Greenwich took the other top spots. The difference between these and Hackney, however, is the price. We think everyone falls in love with this borough because of the beautiful scenery and dozens of pubs. Oh, and the famous markets of course. Either way, this is a winner for anyone wanting to live in London.


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If you’re quite trendy, you might want to consider moving to Camden. You’ll also find this makes it onto your list if you’re a huge music lover. After all, it has some of the best gig venues in the whole of the country. Not to mention Camden Crawl every year. This is like Brighton in the middle of London. It’s also been the home of several famous faces, including Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse. Wait, maybe that isn’t a claim to fame.


You won’t feel like you’re in London if you head over to this borough. It’s packed full of quaint coffee shops and leafy greens. More like a Kent town than a London borough. Ealing property to rent isn’t actually overpriced either. Like Kent is. You could easily find yourself somewhere nice to rent. Within walking distance of those aforementioned coffee shops. The only downside to this place is that it can take you a good hour to get into central London. Not so great for work, but who cares when it looks so awesome?


This borough is the definition of up and coming. Okay, so you may find some pretty rundown places in Haringey. It may also have been home to a couple of riots. But underneath all that, this is a pretty incredible place to live. If you like it rough around the edges. The good thing about the previous trouble is that it bought property prices down. Which means you can stay in Haringey on a budget. You’ll also be right next door to Finsbury Park and Alexandra Palace, for a whole load of music and movie events.

So, what are you looking for from your new London home? If you want relaxing strolls, plenty of pubs, and quaint coffee shops then head to Ealing or Hackney. Want something a bit more lively but rough around the edges? Camden or Haringey are you best bets. Wherever you move to, good luck and enjoy London!


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