Mind-Blowing Features To Look For In Your First Car

If you have just passed your driving test, please accept my warmest congratulations. Young men are at a loss until they get their first set of wheels. You probably decided what car you were going to buy months before you started taking driving lessons, but you can still change your mind.

A car is a vital accessory to a full social life for young people. You can’t go out and buy the vehicle of your dreams in the beginning because of the crippling costs of insurance that you are about to face. Of course, that doesn’t apply to those who have a silver spoon in their mouths; mom and dad will pick up the cost.

If you have to fund the vehicle yourself, here are some mind-blowing features to look for in your first car.

A Vintage Car With Character

Today’s motors are all starting to look the same, in my opinion. You can pick an old model such as the Ford Escort Mk11 in the image for under three thousand pounds these days. You will have to maintain it more often that a modern car, but that is half the fun. Cars from the 70s and 80s didn’t have as much technology as those of today and anybody could work on them. If you want to cruise in style and turn the girl’s heads, a vintage car could be the answer. I think you will agree it is an attractive option. If you haven’t passed your test yet, that idea will encourage you to try. Maybe you should click here and book your theory test without delay.

Safety Features

Though vintage cars are brilliant, they lack the safety features we expect as standard today. Look for a model with airbags for front and rear occupants. They save lives, and head injuries that can affect people for the rest of their lives.

ABS is a feature of most modern cars, and you need to know how to use it correctly. In an emergency, slam your foot onto the brake pedal as hard as you can. Don’t worry about skidding, the ABS will take care of that. Your job is to steer the vehicle. You will feel the pedal judder and probably hear it too. It will help you to avoid a crash and come to a standstill safely.

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Do you care about the environment? Perhaps you should take a look at a hybrid or electric car. The insurance is fair, and there is no road tax to pay on these vehicles. Though they are expensive to buy, they are kind to your wallet when you have to put fuel in the tank. You will never visit a petrol station with an electric vehicle; that sounds fantastic. The hybrid runs on petrol and electricity. You can charge some models from a household socket. It will only use the engine when it needs to. As you coast down hills, it collects the kinetic energy and charges the batteries.

As you can see, you have a vast choice of vehicles and features. The price will be the deciding factor in the end, but sometimes it is worth stretching your finances to buy a motor that looks good on you. Men will always love motors; that’s just the way it is. I hope you find the car of your dreams.

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