Men’s Guide to Casualwear

There’s nothing more #awkweird – that’s awkward + weird – than wearing a fitted formal suit in a party of people wearing skinny jeans and t-shirts. Aside from a lesson on How to Decipher a Party Invitation Properly, a stylish man must also know the essentials when it comes to rocking great casualwear. As Derek Zoolander said: I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is. While we all want to feel and look good, it’s sometimes a challenging feat for men to find casual attire that lets them feel this way. Do you want to find out what trendy clothing items and accessories you can wear with your blue steel? Read on and check out the gems below!

A good-quality chino pant

A great pair of chino pants is like a young woman’s equivalent to a pretty black dress – it looks flattering and most importantly, it’s comfortable! If you’re looking to find a street look with a hipster edge, a light or dark brown chino ticks all the right boxes. Do you have a cool graphic t-shirt? Wear it! Complete this look with a pair of canvas boat shoes and quirky patterned or personalized socks, and you’re ready for a great afternoon with friends. For a chino with a bit more versatility, you can try a black or navy coloured pant. Pair this with a white button-up shirt and a brown leather belt and you’re sure to make the girls swoon when you walk into the party!

A classic and modern denim jacket

Ah, it’s like we’ve been transported back to the 90s, except now we know not to wear denim over denim – well some of us. The classic denim jacket exudes masculinity with a hint of class, making it a stylish solution to your casualwear dilemma. Do you want to elevate your denim jacket look? Splendid. Perusing through your local Universal Store, you’ll find a whole range of contemporary denim jackets to suit different occasions. A popular choice this season is the black denim jacket with leather sleeves, redefining the ultimate rock star look; Bruno Mars eat your heart out!

Retro Shades and a Fedora Hat

If you want to score some major suave points, then a pair of vintage shades are a must-have for your spring and summer wardrobe. Nerdy glasses, take the backseat with Rebecca Black! These round and quirky vintage shades are the best accessory to emphasise a man’s facial features. Rock these shades with a pair of denim shorts and a printed shirt, the perfect three-piece ensemble for a day at the beach or an early afternoon gathering. Sticking with the vintage theme, the fashionable man can’t go wrong with a fedora hat. Typically matched with a more tailored outfit, a fedora hat contrasts well with your casualwear attire and adds a hint of sophistication.

Now that you’re ready to look and feel even more really, really ridiculously good looking in casualwear, do you have some handy tips to share? Leave some of your personal style tips in the comment section below!

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