Manlier Ways For Living A Healthier Lifestyle

The perception of today’s 21st century man is one not without its fair share of scrutiny. However, being as though we can’t control the world around us, let’s at least try to strengthen the one thing we do have control of—our minds and bodies. Sure, easier said than done, but once you’re emotionally involved in your health, your life will enviably improve.

Take a look at these simple suggestions for living a healthier, yet manlier life:

  • Make sure you get a good abs workout…by laughing

If laughing comes as struggle to you, it’s may be time to turn off the Coldplay.

Laughter is one of the most powerful weapons you have in your cognitive arsenal. Whatever state of mind you may be in, laughter will erase negative feelings and replace them with ease and comfort. Only if it is just for a few seconds, a robust belly laugh can promote 45 minutes of physical and mental tension to be relieved.

Packed with a multitude of other health benefit such as lowering blood pressure, strengthening your immune system, alleviating anxiety, protecting the heart and releasing a plethora of endorphins (the body’s naturally occurring “happy” chemicals).

  • Hop on the vape-train

If smoking is a part of your life, it’s time to put out the fire and utilize the steam.

There is a abundance of vape equipment out there that can immediately better your in ways you may have not previously realized. Sure, the benefits of vaporizing instead of smoking cigarettes may seem like common knowledge by now; however, vaporizing is also discreet in smell, saves you money (requiring lower burn-intake), stylish and by far provides a better bang for your buck if you catch my drift.

  • Breakfast is the most “important meal of the day”…for a reason!

A good intake of fiber in the morning is just what the brain and body need to function at its best. It really is simple math: If you eat the morning, you’ll be less hungry later on in the day.

And if you blame “time” as your biggest breakfast nemesis, consider this to be no longer a valid excuse. Start setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier in the morning and pour yourself a healthy bowl of cereal, whip up some eggs or hit the protein powder—it will not only change your day, it will change your life.

  • Forget that “too tough for the doctor” attitude


As I’m sure you’re probably well aware, your health relies on you. The decision to skip the doctor when you’re in obvious need is not only stupid, but also outdated as well—not to mention it can possibly save your life. So, forget that infamously bogus cliché of being “too tough” to visit the doctor.

  • Save room for sweat

There’s nothing like a good workout, and even if it is the last thing you want to do—you’ll be glad you did. Exercise doesn’t just benefit the body; it also equally strengthens the minds as well. Similar to laughing, exercising also releases the body’s “feel good” chemicals and natural painkillers (endorphins).

And if staying on task at work is of issue, a hearty aerobic exercise before will keep you focused and less groggy in the afternoon. When you exercise, your brain receives more oxygen, which results in an alleviation in stress and improvement in cognitive thinking.

On yet the potentially most important note, exercise lowers your chance to experience impotence in the bedroom. The added circulation of blood flow depletes blocked arteries—allowing you to stand ready when needed.

  • Don’t forget your nuts

Consider nuts as Mother Nature’s way of proving to us that good things come in small packages. Packed with heart-protecting fats (Omega-3s) that lower cholesterol, protein, vitamins and minerals—nuts should be a part of every man’s diet. Not to mention, nuts are usually inexpensive and easy to store—which is perfect for on-the-go lifestyle.

  • Get comfortable in the kitchen

Knowing your ways around the kitchen is a vital aspect of living a healthy lifestyle. Depending on buying healthy takeout and pre-prepared meals can get expensive and tiresome after a while. Cooking not only deepens your appreciation for food, it gives you the power to be creative and potentially useful to your spouse.

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