Man Grooming Guide: Keep Your Hair Looking Sharp

Whether you’re a short back and sides guy or like to stay on top of the latest hair trends, the way you style your hair can be as much of a statement about your style as the clothes you wear. And no matter how low maintenance you prefer your grooming regime to be, these five tips are something everyone can – and should – be doing to keep their hair looking great. For more male hair care tips, make sure you bookmark

Get A Good Haircut

It might be tempting to go into the first barber shop you see and just ask for a trim but having a consultation with a hairstylist can help give you the right look for both your hair and your face shape. Cow licks, thick hair, curly hair, thinning hair – these are all things that hairdressers know how to work with and having a great haircut doesn’t mean you’ll need to start spending hours in the bathroom.

Style Your Hair

This goes hand in hand with getting a good haircut. There are some really suave low maintenance ways that you can be doing your hair yourself that can help complete your look. Most can be done with your fingertips with just one products in just a couple of minutes – your hairdresser can give you tips to keep the style up at home.

Buy Your Own Products

Stop just using whatever is in the bathroom and buy some mens’ hair care products. Even if you just choose the right shampoo for your hair type, you’re making sure that your hair stays healthy. The products don’t have to be expensive – most supermarkets have a section of men’s hair care products in the health & beauty aisles so you can throw some in the trolley along with your soap and deodorant.

Pat Dry

Towel drying is one of the biggest causes of damage to men’s hair – it may be very tempting to just rub the towel in vigorously after a shower, but you’re not doing your hair any favours. Shake off any excess water and then pat or stroke your hair in the same direction it grows. Yes it takes a little longer, but you’ll definitely notice a difference in how your hair looks.

Keep It Cool

Piping hot showers can be really damaging to your hair and scalp. Having the water too hot can strip out the natural oils in your hair and dry it out. If you must have a hot shower don’t put your head under the water and change to a more tepid temperature to wash your hair.

There is often quite a bit of stigma around male grooming and the metrosexual trend, but these tips are so subtle that you will help ensure you look and feel great without being subjected to ridicule from your mates. Good looking hair really can be as simple as a great haircut and just tweaking some of your bathroom habits to make sure you stay looking your best.

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