Make the Most of Your Garage

The humble garage has developed over time to become a prized estimation of its owner’s interests and hobbies. No longer just a storage space for your car or your mate’s band, this space has the potential to be so much more. See some of the suggestions below to find out how you could be maximising your garage.

Make an extra workspace

Whether you’re a businessman, an artist or work in a trade, having a spacious garage always comes in handy. Convert your garage into a workspace by optimising it for productivity. Simply invest in a desk, some tools, or whatever else you need, and your home garage will be transformed into an ideal working environment. Install a quality door from a professional installer like Steel-Line to reduce noise, pop a clock on the wall, and you could even put a bar fridge in there for when you want a cool drink.

Decorate the walls

Most homes have a modest collection of tools that can never be found when you need them most. But just think of all the unused space lining your garage walls – you can use this wall space to hang your tools neatly so they won’t get damaged or lost. You’ll just need some nails, a hammer and a lick of paint. You can use the paint to draw an outline of each tool, so you know where every piece of equipment belongs and can see immediately if anything is missing.

Develop your own screening room

If you’re blessed with a large garage and have access to power, consider creating your very own drive-in cinema. Just picture yourself harking back to the swinging 60s with a large movie screen playing in front of you, while you and your significant other share a milkshake (or something stronger) together.

Create a loft

Whether you want a space to gather with friends, somewhere to study, or an extension of your man-cave, building a loft – a second floor inside the garage – is a great option for larger homes. It immediately extends the amount of usable space, and you can transform it into anything you want. You might even have children who could use the loft as their tree-house.

Create your own backyard bar

Few people can brag about having a home bar, so be a trendsetter. Lay down a carpet, bring in a fridge, build yourself a bar (or buy one secondhand) and lay out a few comfy stools and lounge chairs, and before you know it, you’ll be hosting Friday night drinks in the most low-key, cost effective and casual bar in town. Bonus point: you won’t need to worry about driving home.

The humble garage has so much potential. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box to see how you could make the most of it, and remember to base your renovations on what you love doing.


Photo credit: Ben Babcock on Flickr. CC BY 2.0.

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Published on: September 25, 2016

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