Lose Weight Without Working Out: The Gym Haters Essential Guide


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Losing weight is one of the most important factors if you want to stay fit and healthy. By just dropping a couple of pounds, your whole body will benefit. However, as we all know, dropping those pounds is one of the hardest things we can try and do in life.

Unfortunately, we have an unhealthy obsession with foods that makes it difficult to stop eating the food we like. Even worse, the food we like is usually not good for you. The great equaliser is exercise. Still, exercise and the gym are just as boring as eating carrot sticks when you are on a diet. They are monotonous and not the nicest environment to be in with all the grunting and ultra-competitive ‘athletes’. Surely there must be another way?

Revamp Your Diet

Start by taking five hundred calories off your normal calorie intake. Five hundred calories equates to about one-seventh of a pound of fat. So, in a week, without even trying too hard, you could drop a pound. Don’t go cold turkey on every treat, just stay away from fatty foods such as chips and pastries. Even exercising will struggle to shift the calories ingested by these high-calorie foods.

Eat Little & Often

As your new diet is already five hundred calories short, you are going to feel the burn. Not the high metabolism burn that you desire, but the hunger pangs burn that make losing weight even harder. To make sure that you don’t relapse, eat little meals often throughout the day. Not only does it make you feel fuller, but it also speeds up your metabolism.


You might not be going to the gym, but you are going to need to burn off your excess energy. Replace the gym sessions with something that you enjoy doing, like a yoga session at home or a run in the great outdoors. To lose weight, you need to work your aerobic system instead of your anaerobic system. When you exercise aerobically, you burn your fat reserves instead of your carb reserves. Try a forty minute light jog or a walk so you are not out of breath while you work out.


A healthy body is an efficient body. A balanced diet is important because it imbibes the body with essential nutrients that it cannot work without, like vitamins. If you diet doesn’t have enough fruit and veg in it, you can always take vitamin pills to get your daily intake.

Medical Help

To boost your fat burning ability, you can use medical techniques in conjunction with the above. If you get HCG injections, drops or pills, for example, your metabolism will work quicker, and your body will become more efficient. Before you know it, you will be at your target weight, and you will feel great in the process.

The best tip is always to allow one or two days of rest during the week. The body cannot work at full capacity for weeks on end without a break. Otherwise, it will break down, and no diet will work.


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