Long-distance relationship? How to keep the spark alive

Maintaining a relationship isn’t always easy. But a long distance one never, ever, works right? Wrong! For some people, distance seems to work. Yeah, it’s more of a challenge and requires effort from both parties to make it work. The lack of time together, different environments and experiences can put stress on even the strongest of relationships. The good news is, there are more couples now than ever before making distance work for them, despite the odds. Here are a few tips for keeping the spark alive, even when you’re miles apart.

Send gifts

Sending gifts shows you’re thinking of each other. Put some thought into it – perhaps her favourite flowers or his favourite music. If you’re both the adventurous types, even sending each other gifts that are somewhat out of the box is a good idea – you’ll need to check out a store like Naughty But Nice for that!


It’s rare for a relationship to last a long time if there’s no regular communication. Make the effort to pick up the phone and talk for at least fifteen minutes, a few times a week. Let your partner know you miss them! Talking will give both of you a much needed boost. Be sure to ask about each other, never let the conversation be one-sided.

Use technology

It’s not always possible to actually talk, and if that’s the case, text or email each other throughout the day. Instant Messaging, Skype and private messages on Facebook are great. Plus, the invention of Snapchat makes sending naughty photos much safer by allowing your intended audience, your partner, a few seconds to see a photo before it magically disappears!

Set a date

Do you miss watching TV or movies together? You may be miles apart but you can share the same experience even when you’re not physically in the same room. Figure out a time, jump on Skype and watch your chosen movie or TV show together! How nice!

Read the same books

To stay on the same page, pun intended, why not read the same book? No matter where you both are, or what you’re doing, there will be some time for you both to read, even if not at the same time. It will give you something to talk or write to each other about, and it will make you both feel connected knowing you’re reading the same thing.

Meet halfway, literally

Some personal time together and a chance to recharge your relationship is priceless! With air travel becoming more affordable, it’s now possible to travel overseas to see other every few months. Try and meet halfway. Book a hotel or maybe a romantic B&B over a weekend. Share the travelling costs so it won’t be always be one person having to foot the bill.

See, following these tips will really help you both to keep your relationship alive. Exercise some creativity and show each other how much effort you’re putting into your relationship in order to make it last. If others can bridge the distance, so can you! You never know – it might even make your relationship stronger.

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Published on: September 29, 2014

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