Kitchen Must-Haves This Year

Whether you live in a bachelor pad or a family home, updating your kitchen can greatly enhance the style and comfort of your house. This type of renovation will come in handy no matter what the occasion, from having the boys over for drinks, to morning-after brunch with a hot date, to upping your cooking game. Plus, a great kitchen will always add value to the price of your place. So, be sure to keep these must-haves in mind when you renovate:

Smart appliances

In this era of smart gadgets, it’s no surprise that technology is advancing in the kitchen. When renovating this space, make sure you get appliances that fit with your lifestyle. For example, if you ever struggle to get out of bed in the morning, buy a programmable coffee machine that can brew you a fresh cup as soon as your alarm goes off. A temperature-controlled storage unit would make a great investment for wine enthusiasts, or if you’re a master chef in the making, a two-door oven that can slow roast your main course and bake a quick dessert at the same time will make preparing feasts much easier.

Specialised lighting

Gone are the days of having just one light bulb to illuminate a whole room. Nowadays, interior designers recommend having at least three sources of light in the kitchen. You can do this by having lights installed under your cabinets or over your stove, and with statement lighting above your island bench. This last one can be industrial themed to add a touch of masculine style to your kitchen. Exposed Edison bulbs, copper pendant lighting, and metal caged lights are all on trend at the moment.

Generous prep space

Speaking of island benches, you should definitely include one in your renovation if your kitchen doesn’t currently have this feature. Not only will it provide you with more space to prepare meals, it can also serve as a place for eating and entertaining. You will also have more storage space at your disposal for crockery and small appliances. If you’re looking for other smart storage solutions, try installing some smooth, Scandinavian-inspired drawers and cabinets like the ones offered at Dan Kitchens.

Mixed materials

When it comes to the materials that will be used in your kitchen renovation, go ahead and mix them up. Depending on your own sense of style, you can get marble benchtops and concrete floors to complement your stainless steel range, or wooden cabinets and a glass backsplash to go with glazed ceramic cookware, and so on.

The great outdoors

If you live in a place with great weather, take advantage of this and get in touch with nature. Glass sliding doors will not only let more sunlight in; you can also go outside and grill up some steaks with greater ease.

Growing plants in your home is another great way to bring nature inside. Herbs are great since you can always add them to your dishes and drinks. If you find it difficult to keep plants alive, try getting succulents instead. They hardly need watering, so just place them in a sunny spot and they should survive well enough on their own.

These are just a few suggestions for a kitchen renovation. By taking these must-haves into consideration and creating a space that suits your lifestyle, overhauling your kitchen will enhance both the value and liveability of your home.


Photo credit: Jeremy Levine on Flickr. CC BY 2.0.

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Published on: September 25, 2016

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