Keeping Up With Your Fitness Routine While on Holiday

Going on holiday is a great way to relax, unwind and spend time with family and friends. However, if you want to stay in shape regardless of the holiday you have planned for yourself, there are a few tips that can help you to keep up with your fitness routine regardless of where you are located at all times. Maintaining your fitness routine even while you are holiday or off vacationing is a great way to stick to your habits while ensuring you keep your body as healthy as possible.

Stick to a Schedule

Sticking to a schedule while you are on holiday is highly advisable if you are committed to implementing your fitness routine into your everyday activities. Maintaining a strict schedule of waking up, exercising and eating properly throughout the day is a way for you to still enjoy yourself without ignoring your health and your body’s overall physical needs.

Start Early

Waking up early while you are away on holiday is also recommended if you want to stick to a fitness routine. When you wake up early to exercise, you will have more time throughout the rest of the day to enjoy the sights or to explore a variety of tourist attractions depending on where you are visiting. Any time you can wake up earlier in the day whether you are at home or on holiday is a way to kick start your day.

Work Out Anywhere

Even if you do not have access to your traditional gym equipment while you are off traveling on holiday, it is possible to get a workout in just about anywhere, even with the use of your own body. Research different exercises that can be done with just your body, such as lunges, crunches, sit ups and push ups. You can also use hotel beds, walls and other furniture to help as leverage when working out. Additionally, ensuring you go for walks or runs each day while you are holiday is a way to maintain your fitness routine with minimal effort.

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Published on: March 7, 2014

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2 Responses to Keeping Up With Your Fitness Routine While on Holiday

  1. Ryan J. says:

    Good tips, especially the ‘work out anywhere.’ When I go away and can’t get in the gym I go for runs and do push-ups and so on. It would suck to travel and lose fitness as a result.

  2. Ron B. says:

    My wife and I always have big plans on how we’re going to stay healthy while away on vacation and it never really seems to happen. Maybe it’s better sometimes to just allow yourself to take a break?

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