Keep Fit Ideas You Will Actually Enjoy: Unbelievable But True

Most people are guilty of letting themselves go a bit when they hit their forties, so don’t beat yourself up about it. It is a time of life when the daily grind saps your energy, so all you want to do in the evenings is to relax in front of the television and veg out. Unfortunately, your metabolism slows at this age, so unless you get plenty of exercise, the middle-age spread will creep up on you.

Do you cringe at the thought of going to the gym or becoming the laughing stock as you jog along the road?  You need an alternative and enjoyable way to fight the flab. It is lucky you stopped by because there are some great suggestions here that will help you shed those pounds with a smile on your face. Take a look at some of the ideas and see what you think.

Buy A Canoe

Paddling a canoe is all about upper-body strength. Even though you are sitting while you exercise, you will burn plenty of calories. With this simple craft and a life jacket, the rivers, canals, and lakes are yours to explore for free. You will see countryside that you never knew existed, and it will lift your spirits. The level of difficulty is up to you. Take a paddle on a calm lake or burn some energy on some fast moving shallow rapids.

Start A Band

Release the inner rock star and form your own band. Drummers get an incredible workout during a gig, and that could be you. Look on the internet to find used drums for sale, and have fun. You need a sense of rhythm to play percussion instruments, but they are easier to play than guitars. Learn some tunes with fast beats to make your heart race, and don’t forget to pull faces as you thrash about.


If you live near to the coast, think about becoming a surfer dude. It’s gnarly man, and you get to wear some cool shirts too. We haven’t got the best beaches for surfing in this country, but that is no problem. You are not likely to stay on the board for very long initially. The fact that you are in the water and moving will make you lose weight and get fit. Every time you fall off the board you get another mini-workout.


Golf looks like a languid game, but you will be surprised how far you walk in a day when you play the full eighteen holes. The courses are extensive and if you are on your feet it is beneficial to your health. It is an addictive pastime, and you will find that you strive to improve your game every time you play.  People who start playing for fun often end up taking the sport very seriously. You might build a new social life when you join a golf club too, so there are other benefits to taking up the game.

As you can see, you can smile your way to fitness. I guess you need a positive mental attitude and the drive to make a few changes in your life. If you think that you cannot do these things, you are wrong. Many people had been in your position at some time in their life and dragged themselves out of it. You can too; trust me.



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