It’s time to stop: five common unsafe driving habits

Driving can be one of the most pleasant, enjoyable and satisfying things we can do when we reach adulthood. Unfortunately, it can also be among the most dangerous. Not too many years ago, there were a range of factors that contributed to road accidents including driver error, inadequate car safety and poor road conditions. But with advances in both vehicle manufacturing and road construction, the great majority of accidents today can be attributed to human error or poor behaviour. Professional organisations involved in driver safety, such as GC Traffic Lawyers, can provide detailed insight into the statistics. Prevention is always better than cure, so here are five common driving habits to avoid if you want to stay on the straight and narrow.


Speed kills. There’s no two ways about it; exceed the posted speed limit and you put your own life and the lives of people around you at risk. A great deal of engineering and study has been utilised to determine the safest maximum speed on the roads. Adhere to these limits and be safe.

Drink driving

You would think that the dangers of getting behind the wheel after a few too many drinks would be all too obvious. Yet morning court sessions the world over continue to be clogged with people who have driven after drinking a little too much for their own or anyone else’s good. The limit to how much you can drink and still be allowed to drive varies depending on region and age; the best bet is to catch a cab if you are going to have a tipple.

Aggressive and impatient driving

Impatience and aggressiveness are major causes of many accidents. For some reason many people forget common courtesy when they drive and start taking unnecessary risks to save just a few minutes. Calm down and be patient. As the saying goes, it’s better to arrive late than not at all.

Using a phone or device

It is illegal in most jurisdictions to touch your phone or tablet while driving. Yet countless people continue to do it. Holding a phone to your ear to have a conversation is a dangerous and unnecessary distraction; using one to text a friend is plain lunacy. No call or message is worth the pain of an accident or the frustration of a hefty fine.

Dressing and make-up

Get dressed at home, folks. Don’t try to finish your morning preparations while driving to work in the car. The number of people who try to complete a few parts of their grooming routine while negotiating traffic is mind boggling and disturbing. Here’s a tip if you don’t have enough time to finish getting ready before you have to leave: get up earlier!

These are just a few of the most common unsafe driving habits, and there are many more. It really is time to put a stop to the accidents and carnage, and we can do this by taking responsibility for our own driving habits. Be safe and pay attention when you are behind the wheel.

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