Is That Person Who They Claim to Be?

Want to get to know more about your new neighbor or an individual for dating you’ve met online?

If so, will you take the necessary time to do a little bit of investigating along the way?

Too many people go into meeting and befriending others without always thinking.

For instance, if you meet someone and their story doesn’t seem to check out, what’s your next prudent step?

By doing some searching on the Internet, you can usually learn more about the individual.

So, has the time come for you to do some investigating?

Ways to Get to the Bottom of Things

For you to learn more about people you’re intrigued by, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Online records search

There are a myriad of ways to go about finding out more on people you come across.

One such way is of course the Internet.

Using the worldwide web allows you to delve into one’s life. This can help you decide if they should be a part of your life or your family’s in any manner.

For example, a free jail records search allows you to see if this person has any kind of criminal history.

Now, a misdemeanor offense here or there is not going to rouse the suspicions of most people.

But, if someone has committed a felony or two that is something you should know about.

Doing an online criminal search, you are better informed to decide if you want that person in your life.

  1. Social media search

With millions on social media these days, it should not be a shocker that you can learn much about them.

Although some can do their best to protect their online identities, you can make some dents in them.

If someone has a private Facebook and/or Twitter profile, they are off limits. They may very well have shared or tweeted something with a friend. If that friend’s profile is not private, you are able to see on there what the latter’s comment was.

For those individuals with open social profiles, you can use them to see if any red flags arise about the person.

As an example, you meet someone online you’re thinking about going on a date with. In their dating profile, they claim to have lots of money and be independent. When you go to their Facebook or Twitter page, you see they don’t work and live at home with their parents.

Had you not taken the extra time to search social media, you may very well have never discovered such facts.

  1. Ask Them

Without setting up a confrontation, do not be afraid to ask someone about their past as you get to know them.

If someone has nothing to hide, then they should be more than happy to share with you any pertinent details.

Also look to ask around via people you both know.

An example of this would be when a new neighbor moves in.

They do not talk to you right away, but they talk to someone you’re on good terms with. Asking the latter individual their take on the person can lead you to learn more about them.

Knowing who someone is will prove important.

This is especially true if you plan on interacting with them on a regular basis.

By using the Internet and other tools at your disposal, you can usually gain the information you seek.

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