Is Big Always Better? The Phablet Debate

Wading through the cerebral technobabble, over modified RGB subpixel screen structures, extra capacity batteries, and high performance UI versatility, makes shopping for a new smart phone or phablet sound a bit too much like a geek fest. Will the manual explain how to engage the flux capacitor? Who’s fooling who here?

When stripping away all the techno-crap, what the average man wants to know is “Does size really matter?” It is a primal question that eventually invades every fascet of life. And the realm of smart phones and phablets is no exception. “Is bigger better?” No matter how we rephrase the question, it still nags Joe-consumer in his pocket, while he sheepishly makes his way over to the display wall at the local mobile store.

Even the snappy sales rep behind the counter can not help but spill the latest gravy from the street. “Hey, did you know that the Samsung Galaxy is the phablet to beat in 2014?” Sporting a 5.7 inch screen sure makes the Galaxy Note 3 appealing. The idea of no longer needing to squint at the screen may be too good to be true. It is even viewable at arms length. But, the real test is screen action. Can fat fingers walk the plank? A larger screen appears to give colossal hands a better grip on punching status bars, dialog buttons and other screen elements.

Typing and texting comes easier with a larger display as well. Where size truly matters is in how massive your mobile devices battery is. Phablets obviously have an advantage over smaller smart phones in this category and they aren’t ashamed to whip it out to show everyone either. The Optimus G Pro packs a 3,140mAh cell. The Galaxy Note 3 is very impressive sporting a 3,200mAh battery. And if you are looking to go the distance, the LG G Flex has a longer life 3,500 mAh battery.

Another place where bigger is better is when it comes to sound. A bigger screen on a phablet is one thing, but bigger sounding speakers makes the experience of watching videos with others far more pleasant. It is difficult to escape the fact that once again bigger really is better after all.

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Published on: March 7, 2014

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3 Responses to Is Big Always Better? The Phablet Debate

  1. Greg Ashworth says:

    Bigger may be better, but it’s also far too pricey.

  2. Duncan O. says:

    I’d love to get my hands on a galaxy note phablet. Like you’ve pointed out here, the image and sound quality is far superior to a smartphone. I like to watch TV shows and movies on my way to work on the train so one of these would be great.

  3. Tony S. says:

    How much do one of these things cost? Sounds pretty cool.

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