Inspirational home gadgets for your bachelor pad

After finally moving into one’s own bachelor pad, it is time to furnish it with all kinds of funky stuff. From cool lights to a designer sound system, there are some things every man cave just has to have.

The universal remote control

Nothing sucks as much as not being able to find the right remote for the device in use. It will be easy to switch from the TV, game console, sound system or TIVO without searching behind the couch cushions – and this will save time charging up new batteries. There will be more space for feet on the coffee table, too.

Coffee maker

Why make do with a coffee machine that just makes coffee? An automated machine wafts the aroma of freshly-ground coffee direct from the kitchen. Frothy milk optional.

The ultimate alarm clock

The alarm clock is an unwanted gadget that all adults, apparently, have to own. These can be made less undesirable with the aid of slick design and hi-tech technology, including easy-serve “off” switches and wafer-thin veneer finishes.

Customized speakers

Speakers small enough to fit into a pocket can be used to create a punchy sound system. These operate cordlessly via a USB connection directly into a laptop. There are even LED-lit, “water dancing” speakers – like lava lamps with a practical purpose. What could be cooler?

Hand vacuum

Crumbs on the sofa can be quickly and easily cleaned up with a nifty, cordless hand-held vacuum cleaner that’s small enough to fit into a pocket. Ideal for emergency clean-ups just before a date.

Really fancy bottle openers

From the most expensive corkscrews to the slickest of bottle openers, gadgets designed to make opening bottles into an art form are another must-have. Cool design gadgets that turn serving drinks into a show are good for entertaining guests. Sculpture-like bottle openers meanwhile look so gorgeous left out on the worktop that they will always be easy to find.

Cool lights

Why settle for a boring lighting system? Seven-block Tetris bedroom lights can be rearranged when the mood dictates, while an LED spiral helix is surprisingly energy-efficient and extremely calming to watch as it gently spins around.

Samurai knife set

What man doesn’t dream of owning his very own set of really sharp knives? It doesn’t matter if most of his meals are dialed-in take-outs: a samurai knife set is a thing of beauty, and he’ll never be stuck with the wrong knife, whether paring an eggplant or preparing a roast.

TV bed

There’s no more need to plan where to place the TV so it can still be seen when dozing off to sleep: with a TV bed, the television set is actually built into the bed’s backboard. Most TV beds are built with faux leather frame and a high-quality, flat screen TV.

With this design for the ultimate bachelor pad to suit every man need, only one question remains. What happens when he meets that special someone?

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Published on: August 29, 2014

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