Indoor Vs. Outdoor Wireless Speakers: What’s Best for you?

Are you someone who appreciates mood music and pleasing background sounds? Whether you are hanging out by yourself or entertaining a crowd of friends (or a crowd of one special friend) music simply makes most experiences better. Indoor or outdoor wireless speakers give you the ability to bring your music along wherever you go. Before you invest in speakers though, make sure you’re buying the right ones for your lifestyle.

What Will You Use Your Speakers For?

Before you go speaker shopping and find yourself facing a mind-boggling array of options, nail down your specifics beforehand. Do you envision buying speakers that you can move from room to room in your house, or do you want the ability to bring your speakers outside under you covered patio from time to time? If this is how you’ll be using your speakers, you can probably get away with buying speakers designed for indoor use.

Wireless speakers are super versatile, though. If you want to maximize the benefits of taking your tunes on the go, you might envision speakers that you can bring along when you go camping, go to the beach, go boating, go skiing, or go bike or motorcycle riding. That’s right – wireless speakers are entirely portable. That’s why so many people want them! Where you can take your portable speakers is limited only by your imagination. Does your bucket list include a hang-gliding excursion? Portable outdoor speakers allow you to take your tunes with you, even thousands of feet up in the air.

There are Key Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Speakers

Essentially, the main difference between indoor and outdoor speakers is that outdoor speakers are more durable and built to withstand the elements. Depending on where outdoor speakers are used, they’re likely to come in contact with rain, sleet, snow, dirt, sand, and/or salt. As a result, they’re built with heavy-duty enclosures and thick seals to keep the elements from damaging the sensitive electronics inside — and to protect users from the risk of shock or electrocution. Outdoor speakers also are built to withstand being dropped. Some also include fun features like handy bike mounts and built-in microphones so you can make hands-free phone calls!

Indoor speakers do not have these added safety features or bells and whistles, and should never be used outside. If you anticipate using your wireless speakers outdoors even occasionally, buy outdoor speakers. If you use indoor speakers outside, not only are you risking damage to your electronics, you’re risking your safety.

Outdoor Speakers as Fashion Accessories

Just as indoor and outdoor speakers are not created equally, neither are wireless outdoor speakers. Some outdoor speakers are utilitarian and designed for functionality only. Others actually look like stylish fashion accessories. Outdoor Tech’s Buckshot Bluetooth Speaker for example, is portable, stylish and comes not only in black, but also in red, electric blue, army green, and glow in the dark! Clip this baby to your bicycle handle and you’ll be the envy of all the other cyclists on the road. Whether you’re a minimalist or prefer a little pizzazz in your electronics, wireless speakers are a great investment that can make ordinary experiences extraordinary.

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