Hunt is on for the Best Land

If you love to hunt, you probably feel at times like you can’t get enough of the great outdoors.

Whether it is hunting small game or going after some of the bigger prizes out there, hunting can be one of the most rewarding endeavors for many men (and also some women).

With that being the case, where do you turn when you’re looking for some relaxing and wide-open hunting areas nationwide?

Although there may be some good hunting areas not far from where you live, it is not unusual for many hunters to have to trek hours from their homes to locate that perfect spot. As a result, some of the fun of the hunt can be taken away from all the driving.

Now, what if you had the opportunity to hunt a little closer to home, albeit on someone’s land?

As it turns out, it is not unusual in a day and age when many folks are trying to make a little extra money, for them to offer their land for hunting purposes. For hunters, this can be a great option to go hunt land that is not over-run by other hunters.


Research and Bag the Best Sites

So that you can find the best hunting lands around, take the time to do some research, looking to find those individuals renting out their lands, how much they are charging, what the rules and regulations are, and how close in proximity the spots are to where you call home.

For the time and money you invest in your hunting pursuits, you want a positive experience each and every time.

Some of the factors you need to be sure of include:

  1. Ownership – Get some information on who exactly owns the land you might be hunting on. Do they have stable finances and a good relationship with others living in the surrounding areas? The latter fact takes on even more importance in that you do not want to be hunting on someone’s land (with their permission), only to have a run-in with a neighbor or neighbors. It is always best that the landowner alert anyone in the vicinity that they are renting out their property on occasion for hunting, thereby lessening the chances of an accident or run-in with a neighbor occur;
  2. Rules and regulations – Even though you may have agreed to and signed a contract (best to always have everything in writing) for hunting one another person’s property, make sure everyone involved clearly knows the rules and regulations in place and agreed upon when it comes to hunting land for lease. You want to make sure you get your money’s worth when it comes to the hunt, while the landowner wants to make sure he or she gets paid in full and does not get caught up in any disputes. This is also important from the standpoint of what game is on the property, what is allowed to be hunted (depending on the time of the season in many parts of the country), and minimizing the chances of someone being hurt on the property through an accidental gunshot, fall, or other such injury (see more below);
  3. Safety – Your safety and that of those around you when hunting should never be taken for granted. While gun safety should be at the top of your list, ask the person whose land you are looking to hunt on about the safety of that very land. Are there any major issues with sinkholes in the ground, fencing, wild animals in the area and so on? Know the lay of the land from the landowner themselves before you set foot on the property with a weapon. It is also important to know where the nearest medical services are (ambulance station, hospital, medical clinic etc.) in the event someone is injured (yourself included) during a hunt. While you likely won’t (and hopefully never will) need such services, it is a good idea err on the side of caution.


If the hunt is on for the best land to enjoy your love of hunting, take the time to research your options.

You might be surprised to hear more and more landowners are willing to rent you the time of your life.






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