How your personal lifestyle can have an effect on your job

Most people spend a large proportion of their time at work; indeed, it’s not unusual for many employees to spend more hours per week in their place of employment than in their own home. Outside of work, you can lead whatever lifestyle you choose; however, depending on your chosen lifestyle, it could potentially have a damaging effect on your work. We’re going to explore some of the factors that can both help and hinder your job performance.


Prioritise sleep


Sleep goes hand in hand with your overall work performance; the more you get, the better! It’s usually advised that we should be getting around seven to nine hours sleep per night, but unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.


Lack of sleep can have knock-on effects at work and could impact your focus, your levels of concentration and your motivational drive. Therefore, it’s important to establish some kind of sleeping routine so that you get enough shut-eye to face the working day, and so that the quality of your work doesn’t suffer. With this in mind, think twice about going out drinking on a work night; a drowsy, hungover employee isn’t someone a boss will be happy to employ. Nor is an employee who falls asleep at their desk or comes in late because they accidentally slept in.


Eat the right stuff


It’s long been documented that eating well can give you more energy and an extended life. Nonetheless, during working hours, it can be challenging to eat healthily, which is why so many of us end up feasting on fats and snacking on sugary treats. These foods may give you that initial energy boost you crave, but ultimately, they’ll cause you to slump just as quickly. Moreover, if you eat sugary foods too late at night, it can also cause sleep disturbance, and ultimately, you’ll be exhausted the next morning. Therefore, if you want an afternoon snack, try to incorporate things such as fruits and nuts into your regime as they release energy over a longer period of time, so you don’t have that dreaded comedown.


Keep your private life private


Try to keep things as professional as possible in your workplace environment. Oversharing your personal life can come across as unprofessional and inappropriate, and may set you at a disadvantage.


On from this, if you have a social media account, be privy as to who can see what; regularly review your privacy settings and don’t publicly publish anything that might affect your job. For example, posting a status about how much you hate your boss might go down like a lead balloon.


Letting your hair down


It’s fine to let your hair down once in a while, but it’s also important to remember what is and isn’t appropriate. For instance, excessive drinking can directly influence your ability to focus, and although you might think a quick drink on your lunchtime break is acceptable, your boss may think otherwise.


It’s also worth remembering that employers are well within their rights to implement random alcohol and drug testing should they suspect an employee of regularly abusing such substances. Indeed, if you have a hunch that an employee is frequently taking drugs or consuming alcohol, an oral fluid lab test can be organised.


Switch off


Finally, it’s important to switch off from work outside of your working hours; this is especially true if you’re mostly fixed to a computer screen for the majority of the day. Try to partake in frequent exercise (a sedentary lifestyle can have serious health risks), meet up regularly with friends, and take up a fulfilling hobby that separates your working life from your home life for a more rounded and fulfilled lifestyle.


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