How You Can Build 10 Times More Lean Musle in the Gym: Little Effort Required!

Would you like to build 10 times more lean muscle in the gym than you currently have done? What am I saying, of course you would! Well, I’ve got some good news for you: it isn’t as hard as you might think. Get started now:

Keep Your Cardio Sessions Short

Although cardio can be good for burning a few extra calories and keeping fat under control, you should keep your cardio sessions short. Why? Because cardio can eat away at the muscle that you’ve worked so hard to build! This is especially important when it comes to longer, steady state cardio sessions. If you must do cardio, keep it to around 20 minutes and make it high intensity, so it burns more fat than muscle.

Take the Right Supplements

Supplements can be a great help in the fight to build muscle. Obviously you should stay away from steroids and other harmful chemicals, but you can try drinking protein shakes, taking BCAA’s, and HGH for bodybuilding. Research the supplements suited to the training you’re doing, and then read reviews on certain brands to find the best one.

Eat Plenty of Protein, Good Carbs, and Veg

Protein is essential for building muscle, and veg gives us all of our vitamins and minerals. However, many people think they should cut out carbs. This is totally false! Our body needs carbs to survive. If you’re trying to burn fat, you can cut down on your carb portions, but don’t cut them out together. Usually there’s a bulking and cutting phase in bodybuilding; 6 months bulking with plenty of each food group, and then 6 months of cutting where you tighten up your diet and training routine to reveal the lean muscle you’ve built. You can alter the time frames to suit you though.

Practice Proper Form

I see way too many guys in the gym with improper form! By simply researching the exercises you’re going to do that day on Youtube, you’ll find plenty of helpful hints and tips on how to do them properly. You might think you’re doing it fine, but you should always work on perfecting your form, or you could injure yourself. Always choose form over weight too!

Add in Supersets and Dropsets

Supersets and drop sets can be a great way to shock the body, get out of plateaus, and build more lean muscle. They make your routine much quicker too, so you can concentrate on preparing your meals for the week ahead!

Just Keep Going

Don’t expect instant results. Results like this will take time! Why not find somebody who is where you want to be to motivate you, like Arnold Schwarzenegger? Just remember, different things work for different people, as nobody is the same. Test out what works for you and make sure you mix up your workout routines to continue shocking your body.

Try this advice, and you’ll be amazed at the gains you make. In most cases, a little bit of knowledge is all you need to get to where you want to be!


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