How To Wear Your Suit Jacket Three Different Ways

When it comes to Male Dressing 101 there are three main offenders who routinely upset the bro code of shopping. 1) The guy who doesn’t know anything about fashion 2) the guy who thinks he knows everything about fashion and 3) the guy who’s worn the same outfit so many times he doesn’t remember what else he owns.

All of them are a tragic but fixable condition; the following article should rectify their horrifying transgressions through three easy and stylish ways to wear the same suit jacket.

First things first however, you’ll need a stylish and classic suit jacket that will stand the test of time. If you’re not sure where to start, Politix has an extensively large range of options that will look good on any body shape.

The Traditional Look

Wearing a suit jacket formally this way is the ultimate masculine classic for a reason. The title suit jacket has the word ‘suit’ in it, after all. All well dressed gentlemen should own a pair of well-presented slacks that match their jacket – well done guys, this is your suit. When you’re in this ensemble, make sure to be wearing an ironed shirt, a matching waistcoat, and a perfectly tied tie. Bonus points for having all the jacket buttons done up and your shoes shined.

This ensemble is a great pick for when you need to look good and in control of your life – work, important meetings, and special events are all excellent reasons to dress up.

The Relaxed Option

Styling a suit jacket this way is a great choice when you want your outfit to still indicate that you are a respected professional, whilst also being approachable and not high maintenance. Basically, it’s a good look if you’re transitioning from 9am-5pm to the evening, if you have a weekend work meeting, or you’re being introduced to your potential in-laws for the first time.

Keep the same jacket and potentially the slacks (depending on mood) from the suit in the first option; however lose the tie and the waistcoat ASAP. Choose a shirt that doesn’t scream formal yet is still ironed, and add a well fitting sweater or vest depending on the season. Finally, keep the jacket buttons undone and you’ll find a relaxed smile doesn’t leave your face.

The Weekender

The third and final suggestion on how to wear your suit jacket is to go directly down the casual chic path to a weekend barbeque or beach getaway. It’s a great option for when you’re clearly in a relaxed mode yet still want to keep a small part of your refined dignity about you.

This outfit of course still requires the suit jacket, however you can send everything else referenced above to the dry cleaners – you’re starting afresh! When you’re pulling together this look your base will be a pair of clean jeans or casual pants, preppy casual shoes, and a relaxed shirt – perhaps a polo. The most important thing to remember about this look is that everything still needs to be clean and well presented, otherwise you’ll just look like a slob.

No matter how much you think you understand fashion, everyone male needs a refresher course from time to time. The above Suit Jacket 101 lesson above should help you out over the next few months as you put together some new ensembles. Time to get shopping boys!

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