How To Talk Your Wife Into Letting You Buy A Porsche

For most wives, the announcement from their husbands that they are buying a Porsche is one of shock! That’s because Porsche cars aren’t vehicles that many people can afford to buy. Or so the story goes.

Don’t get me wrong, women love to buy nice material objects just as much as men do. Buying stuff makes us happy, and it also serves a specific purpose. But if two people get married, buying a Porsche isn’t exactly the same as say buying a Big Mac meal from McDonalds!

When you marry someone, you work together as a team. That often means pooling resources together, like money. At least, for the sake of paying household bills and family expenses. Try as you might, there’s no getting away from the fact that all your hard-earned cash isn’t all yours to keep each month.

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Have you decided that you want to buy a sporty little number like the Porsche 911 shown above? If so, it’s more-than likely that your wife will need some convincing that you know what you’re doing.

Need a bit of help doing that? Don’t worry; this blog post has come to your rescue! Keep reading to learn how to talk your wife into letting you buy a Porsche. Or perhaps that should be, buy a Porsche without your wife having a meltdown and threatening you with divorce!

Make sure you can afford one

You might have made your mind up that you want to buy a Porsche. But you need to think about how you can make this an attractive proposition to your other half! Unless your wife hates German cars with a passion, I can guarantee you the number one thought that will pop into her mind is money.

When you got married, you agreed to take on certain extra responsibilities in your life. One of those responsibilities is to ensure that the household bills get paid and that food gets put on the table each day. That gets emphasised even more when you have kids together.

Your idea of buying a Porsche will not be realistic if you can’t afford to maintain it let alone buy the car! That’s why you need to ensure your finances are in order, and that you aren’t living above your means – before or after buying the car!

Don’t buy a brand new one

It’s no secret that Porsche cars are super-expensive! And regardless of the make, it’s better financial sense to buy a used car. There are thousands of used cars in Newcastle and beyond, and there are plenty of used Porsche cars available.

Even if you can afford to buy a new one, buy one that’s 12 months or more old. You can use the cash you saved to pay for your Porsche’s maintenance and insurance bills for a year or more!

Only consider a Porsche if you live somewhere nice

Do you live in the ghetto? If so, your Porsche will stick out like a sore thumb. People will think you are either a pimp, drug dealer or lottery winner. You also increase the chances of the car getting stolen by at least 100%!

Think about whether a Porsche would fit in your neighborhood or not. If it does, go for it! But if not, you should either move somewhere upmarket or give up on the idea of buying a Porsche.

Good luck!

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