How To Sell Your Car: An Expert Guide For Newbies

Selling a car in today’s modern world is quite easy. The only trouble is, a lot of people don’t know how best to sell their cars!

The Internet has helped the way we interact with the world and one another. And in the automotive world, it’s a popular way to sell a car. But what about conventional methods, such as newspapers and “for sale” signs?

We still rely on those methods to help sell our cars too. Of course, some folks aren’t making their lives easy when they try to sell their cars. That’s why in today’s blog post, I will share with you the secrets of selling your car like a pro! Check out the following expert guide:

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How much is your car worth?

The first thing to do is determine how much your car is worth. Everyone that sells a car wants to make as much cash as possible from the sale. But a lot of folks make the mistake of setting unrealistic goals. And that’s what can deter potential buyers.

The Kelley Blue Book can help you to learn how much your car is worth. Of course, that assumes you make an accurate assessment of your car’s condition and mechanical state!

Is there a good time to sell your car?

It’s no secret that some parts of the year are better to sell a car than others. For instance, what if you want to sell your Volkswagen Beetle convertible? Selling it in the middle of winter isn’t going to attract much interest.

And most people will be thinking more about the holidays than they are buying a car towards the end of December. It’s best if you can time the sale of your car, so that it sells when people are most likely to buy cars like yours.

Should I clean my car before I sell it?

Yes! Eric from says people get the most money for their cars if they make them look brand new.

And it makes perfect sense if you think about it for a moment. When you go out to look at a car, and you are thinking of buying it, you will get put off buying it if it’s dirty and smelly!

No-one is going to sit inside of a car that looks like the contents of your trash can. Dirty, muddy exteriors might also hide bodywork or paint damage.

Where should I sell my car?

There are no hard and fast rules about where you should sell your car. Most people will sell their cars online, using websites like eBay and Craigslist. Others prefer conventional methods. Examples include car auctions and sticking “for sale” signs inside of their windshields.

Prepare yourself for buyers negotiating on the price. When you sell a car, you should set yourself a minimum price that you are happy to sell at. Some folks add a high sale price to their ads, as they know buyers will knock them down on price.

Good luck with your car sale!

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