How To Prepare Your Garden For A Thrilling Year Of Entertainment

Now that people expect more from their gardens than at any time previously, designers have to get their thinking caps on and come up with new products. Design trends don’t change overnight, and some of the classic elements are timeless. Modern twists develop as lifestyle changes, and we are living in fantastic times for outdoor relaxation and exercise.

Here are a few ideas that you could take up to prepare your garden for a thrilling summer of entertainment.


Would you enjoy finishing off a perfect evening by relaxing in a hot spa bath with a cocktail? You are not alone; the sound of rising bubbles and electric pumps echo across suburbia on balmy evenings as sophisticated people enjoy their gardens. The cost of a jacuzzi rises with the number of people it can seat, so you can expect to pay about sixteen-thousand pounds for a reasonable unit. They are self-contained and need only a water and electricity supply to function. The unit in the image is a perfect example of how it can enhance your garden decking in beautiful surroundings.

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Swimming Pool

Any child will tell you that a sunken swimming pool is high on their list of requirements for the garden. Thanks to modern liners, they are easy to install compared to their ancestors. It doesn’t take long to fit either, which helps to keep the installation costs down. Neither you or your children will at a loss for something to do when you have a pool. Swimming is one of the best exercises you can enjoy; it could be a brilliant way to fight the flab as you have fun. Think about installing an enclosure so that you can swim in the winter too. Take a look at the designs at Patio Living and many other online suppliers for inspiration. It might not cost as much as you think.

Patio Area

You must create a space where you can sit and have a drink with your friends. Decking is the perfect choice to build a platform at the same level as the floors in your house. It will also hide a multitude of sins if the ground below is uneven or has manholes. Because the deck stands on vertical posts, it can stand at almost any height. Some people use the area below as valuable storage for garden and play equipment. Your kids will enjoy building a den under there too. I’m sure you remember how you could make use of such areas when you were young.

You probably wonder how on earth you can finance the makeover. There are many options available to you. Because the swimming pool will probably add value to your home, an extension on the mortgage is a possibility. It will increase the monthly payments, but spread the extra loan amount over the life of the mortgage. Lenders are more likely to look at your request sympathetically if you secure a loan on your property. If you think that you can afford the repayments, a secured loan is a useful tool.

Whether you can afford one or all of these improvements in your garden, you will look forward to next summer with anticipation. It could be the best year ever, don’t you think?

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