How To Meet A Deadline On Time

For many guys out there, time management can be a tricky skill to master. You can have all the best intentions and big plans to get things done quickly and efficiently, but when procrastination, web-surfing and Candy Crush come into the mix, deadlines can easily fall by the wayside.
Unfortunately, staying organised and managing your time well is a crucial talent to take into the world of work. Those missed homework assignments back in high school might not have made such an impact, but university coursework and work projects will hold a lot more weight, so staying on top of your deadlines is key.
Here are a few quick tips to help you meet every deadline without ever handing a paper or project in late:

Set Small Goals

When you have a huge deadline looming ahead, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done. Breaking the assignment down into more manageable chunks will take some of the stress away and help you organise your thoughts and actions in a more structured way. If you’re working on a college essay or paper, these goals might involve research and planning, and then word count aims to reach that will get you well on your way to a completed assignment
Don’t just set these mini-deadlines in your head and leave them there. Mark all of your aims and goals down on a calendar or in a planner so that you’re clear about what needs to be done, and the date that it needs to be finished by.

Create A Schedule

Even if you’re not normally a very organised person, you’ll definitely benefit from creating a clear, structured schedule to stick to while you’re working to meet a deadline. Use your computer or phone calendar or even just good old fashioned pen and paper and build a timetable for your days. Try to make it as realistic as possible- don’t plan to work for nine hours straight if you know this isn’t feasible for you. Plan in breaks, meal times and a nice early bedtime to make sure that you’re staying fresh and motivated.

Have A Contingency Plan

Planning ahead is the best way to guarantee success. Once you’ve laid out your smaller goals for the assignment, make sure that you leave time near the end of your work period just in case things haven’t worked out as well as they should. You’ll need some time to edit your work and make sure that things are exactly as they should be before you call it a day- so give yourself a buffer and don’t leave things to the last minute.

Just In Case…

If you’re a college student and your deadline is fast approaching and panic is setting in, there’s always a back up plan. Sites like offer speedy solutions for students who need to produce an essay but don’t have the time to get the work done well. It’s always better to hand something of a decent quality in rather than letting the deadline slip away.

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