How To Make Your Mini More Manly

Car customisation or “modifying” is big business in many countries around the world. There are growing numbers of car owners that want to customise their rides and put their own unique mark on them. Some folks might opt for aftermarket alloy wheels whereas others have a no-expense spared approach to car modifications!

The BMW-built Mini is arguably one of the most-modified vehicles by car enthusiasts, partly because of the “cool” factor and partly because of the awesome results that can easily be achieved by even the novice car modder.

If you own a Mini and you want to make it look more “manly,” check out these amazing tips to pimp your ride!


One of the easiest ways to improve the aesthetics of your Mini is to change its stock alloy wheels for some awesome aftermarket ones. I’m not going to recommend any aftermarket alloy wheels to you in particular because there are thousands to choose from!

For that very reason, you will find it extremely easy to source some trick wheels for your Mini. You can buy them from many Mini specialists, as well as general car customisation stores that offer alloy wheels for sale with Mini fitments.

Be sure to pay attention to the wheel size and offset (the distance from the hub to the centre of the wheel), as you don’t want to buy alloy wheels that catch on your wheel arches every time you drive over a bump in the road!


Another area that most car modifiers address on their Minis is the suspension. Whilst the standard suspension on all Mini models offers a fine blend of firm yet comfortable handling, some Mini modders want to stiffen up their suspension setup.

The case for upgrading your Mini’s suspension can also be justified if you are looking to lower your Mini; in other words, you want your Mini to have a lower centre of gravity.

I recommend that you buy lowering springs and height-adjustable shock absorbers so that you can fine-tune your suspension according to your individual requirements. Strut braces can also tighten up your suspension even further, resulting in less flexing of the body during hard cornering.


Arguably the manliest way of beefing up your Mini is to upgrade its standard exhaust system for a performance one made of stainless steel.

According to John from, stainless steel exhaust systems can improve performance for all Mini models, especially those with turbochargers such as the Mini Cooper S.

Body styling

Once you have got your wheels and suspension sorted out, and your Mini’s exhaust note sounds manly, the next stage is to decide on how you want to improve your car’s exterior aesthetics.

Some folks prefer to stick with the standard body styling, whereas others want to upgrade to a full-blown body kit complete with new spoilers, lower splitters and front and rear bumpers.

The only thing I would say is that you should have your body kit professionally painted and installed by a body shop as you could easily break your new – and expensive – body kit by attempting a DIY effort!


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