How To Make A Home Office You’ll Actually Enjoy Working In

The office is an important part of the home for anyone who takes their business wherever they go with them. It needs to be functional, but also comfortable. It has to be a room you can have peace to get some work done in but also a room you actually want to spend time in. It can be hard striking a balance between necessity and choice in the home office, but these tips should help you with that.


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Give yourself somewhere to be comfortable

First and foremost, don’t scrimp on the seating in your office. If you’re spending a lot of your day in there, you need to make sure you’re not breaking your back in the process. There are all kinds of ergonomic seat choices you can make, but comfort is something you should always top of the list. Lovethesign offers some moon chaise lounge chairs that could be exactly what you need.

Cut the distraction

Comfort’s important, but you need to make sure you’re actually getting some work done in there. For most people, that means cutting out any and all distractions. A television is not a good choice for a home office, no matter your excuse. If you have kids, make sure they don’t have anything in there that might bring impromptu visits. You don’t want to have to keep telling them that the home office is not a play room. Situating your desk far from the window is a good choice too. Your mind will hop on any opportunity to get distracted, so being in the perfect place to watch your kids play or a dog walk past won’t help.

Keep the personal touch

You’re not working in a tiny clinical cubicle. You can make the space yours without turning it into a personal play-room. Style is all a matter of taste. Movie posters might suit for one person whilst another would prefer nice floral art. There are plenty of great designs to take a look at if you’re after some inspiration.


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Give yourself more space to be organised

Organisation is key when it comes to having a home office. You can’t be spending the time needed for work looking for this, that and the other. At the same time, filling it up with filing cabinets and drawers is going to give the room a cramped, claustrophobic feeling. Start to get a bit creative with your storage. Make sure everything has its place. If it’s place could easily go on the wall, then give yourself a bit more leg room and keep things organised at the same time.

Keep it tidy

It’s not just the necessities that can clutter up an office. It’s not difficult to have the tendency to accumulate a bit of waste when working. Especially if you’re using notepads, print-outs and all other sorts of office tools. Keep things tidy without having to rely on the big clear-out. A few cleaning shortcuts can keep you on top of everything with minimal effort.


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