How To Live Like A Millionaire For A Day

I lead a pretty ordinary existence, with a modest income and “average” lifestyle. I’m neither poor nor rich; I’d say I’m somewhere in between. I don’t have an extravagant lifestyle, and am normally cautious with my spending. I guess you could describe me as a typical everyday guy!

Sometimes though, I would think about what it would be like to be a millionaire and not have to worry about how much something costs; I could just simply flash the cash and pay for stuff! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a millionaire?

Well, now you don’t have to wonder anymore, because here’s how you can do so – for a day! Here’s how:


A millionaire isn’t going to be seen dead wearing a cheap suit purchased from a supermarket!

Only the finest threads are worn by the wealthy, so in order to be taken seriously as a millionaire, it is essential that you hire an expensive suit for the day, complete with the finest Italian leather shoes.

Obviously you could buy a suit and the shoes, but you might have to save up a large chunk of your monthly salary in order to buy them.

Personal grooming

Some people say that the clothes make the man, but in order to impress people, you have to work on your physical appearance too. Whilst you can’t hire a new face and hairstyle, you can certainly go to an upmarket hair salon to improve your facial appearance.

Stylists will be able to work with you to come up with a hairstyle and beard (if you don’t like being clean-shaven) that will look like a million bucks! However, don’t expect your millionaire makeover to be cheap, because the best stylists out there demand the highest amounts of money!

Smiling is also an important part of charming people into believing that you are wealthy, but if your teeth are badly stained you should consider having them whitened. Having that Hollywood smile will certainly impress the ladies!

Finally, you need to smell nice. Millionaires use the same aftershaves and eau de toilette sprays that we wage slaves use, so just choose something popular and, above all, nice-smelling.


Millionaires will not be seen driving cars that the average man on the street drives! Therefore, you will need to hire a car for the day to tell people that you mean business and that you have money.

Mick from recommends hiring an exotic sports car, such as a Lamborghini Aventador or a prestigious luxury car, such as a Rolls Royce. Of course, it all depends on your personal preference, as millionaires have their own taste in cars just like you and I do.

There is a plethora of car hire firms that specialise in prestige car hire, but be aware that it might cost you a month’s salary to hire such a car for a day! Shop around for the best deals, and don’t be afraid to haggle on the price; after all, millionaires love a bargain just like we do!

Image credit: Tom Phipps on Flickr.

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Published on: June 17, 2014

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