How To Get The Most Out Of Your Cycling Workout



Cycling is a seriously powerful way to improve your fitness. It’s one of the best things you can do for aerobic exercise and all-round fitness. It targets your core, your leg muscles, and -most importantly – your heart. It’s also a great way to get out of the stuffy gym environment and into the great outdoors. The best exercise helps clear your head and give you some perspective on life. So, how exactly do you get the most out of each and every cycling workout?

Get your bike adjusted

Firstly, if you’re serious about putting in the miles, you need to get your bike professionally adjusted. It may even be worth upgrading your entire bike. To see significant results from your bike training, you need to go the distance. If your bike isn’t set up for long periods of riding, you’ll cause damage to your body. Without the correct set up, you’ll ride with a bent spine and you’ll cause damage to your legs. Adjusting your bike for the perfect riding stance will help you ride more efficiently, and get the most from your workout.

Get the right gear

Much like getting your bike set up correctly, you need to kit yourself out. Long rides require the right clothing to secure maximum comfort! Firstly, you need fitted cycling shorts and an appropriate top. You can find vintage cycling jerseys online that match your personality and provide comfort. It’s also crucial that you invest in a good helmet. Cycling can prove dangerous, especially if biking on public roads. It might just save your life.

The ‘Sweet Spot’

Making the most of your cycling workout is all about finding your ‘sweet spot’. It’s a cycling term that means riding at your optimal comfort speed. It should be fast enough to raise your heart rate and push your legs. But, it should be comfortable enough to keep it up for at least half an hour. Finding this perfect speed is the key to getting a long, efficient workout that gets results. Cycling is all about stamina and fitness. You’re looking for long workouts here.

Interval training

Intervals are short, sharp bursts of energy that push your endurance to the limit. We don’t suggest doing this on every bike ride. But, if you’re feeling powerful one day, try it! Start by riding at your ‘sweet spot’ for a while. Then push the speed right to the edge of your limit for two minutes. Then give yourself a rest and slip back into the sweet spot for two minutes. Then raise the speed back to your limit for another two minutes. It’s a high intensity workout that gives your heart an invigorating exercise. It builds stamina, fitness, and power bursts.

Go off-road

Off roading is fantastic way to get a full workout. It will test every aspect of your cycling ability. You’ll find uphill sections, downhill sections, tight areas that will test your balance. If you’re feeling powerful, give it a shot.

Cycling is one of the best forms of aerobic exercise. Follow these expert tips and get the most out of your workouts!

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