How To Fall In Love With Your Car Again

Many people that have owned their cars for several years will soon start to tire of driving them, putting up with their various “quirks” and soon boredom starts to set in. If that sounds like you, and you have fallen out of love with your car, it might seem the only thing you can do is buy a new car.

But did you know that there are some simple steps to ignite that spark (pun very much intended) and fall back in love with your car again? Here are some ways to make you feel happier about driving your workhorse.

Upgrade your tyres

It might sound weird, but one of the reasons that you are unhappy with driving your car might be to do with the way it handles on the road!

Some car enthusiasts advocate modifying the suspension to give the car a firmer ride and lower stance, but such practices can invalidate your car’s insurance policy as they are modifications.

But there is one way that you can improve your car’s handling on the road, and that is to upgrade its tyres! Many car owners follow the recommendation of mechanics or tyre fitters to buy cheap brands, but doing so is a waste of your time and money!

Instead, go online and research what are the best premium brand tyres you can buy for your car that offer a fair balance between price, quality and handling.

You would be surprised how driving a car with decent tyres can make a difference when going around corners at speed or travelling in wet weather!

Spend a day cleaning your car

One of those chores that people hate doing is cleaning, especially if it relates to their cars! I know people that don’t bother cleaning their cars at all, and they have a layer of dirt and mud on their car’s exterior.

The situation isn’t improved inside the car either, with the seats, floor and dashboard being used as a litter bin! Spend a day giving your car the showroom shine it deserves and throw away all the rubbish inside of it; it’s good for your car, and it will give you a proud sense of achievement!

If you have an outside tap at your home, I recommend investing in a pressure washer so that you can get rid of those tough stains on your car’s bodywork. Buying a suitable brush for the bodywork and alloy wheels will also save time, and simultaneously make your car look like new.

Upgrade your car stereo system

Are you rocking around with a head unit that can only play cassette tapes? Do you speakers distort at a volume higher than “1” on your dial? Perhaps it’s time you spent some cash bringing your in-car entertainment system into the 21st century!

Car dealership recommends having a CD head unit with Bluetooth capability installed. The vast majority of motorists play CDs, with many opting to connect their smartphones to their head units for the purposes of wirelessly streaming music.

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