How To Create The Ultimate Bachelor Pad

There’s a secret art to the perfect bachelor pad. It requires a deft touch. You need to balance sophistication with style. You need to match comfort with fun. It’s got to be kept clean and tidy but with minimal effort. It should be warm and inviting but sharp and minimal. It’s a tough one to get right, but the goal is simple: look amazing with no effort. Remember, it’s your own space so you can put your own stamp on it.

Think about what you want from the pad. You want a space to enjoy on your own but that you can transform into an entertaining space. You want to be able to invite the guys around and show it off. You need all the entertaining essentials. You need a place that keeps itself tidy and looks stylish. We know that a bachelor pad can easily become untidy. We can be pretty lazy, after all.

So what are the essentials? How can you achieve this fine balance in your bachelor pad? There are one or two must-haves. The comfort essentials and the entertaining essentials. Then you’ll need some decorative items. You may not be used to buying such things, but they will transform the home more than you realise. Here are a few tips to get you started.

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A view

An apartment with a view makes a stunning additional feature in your bachelor pad. Having an impressive view means that you can get away with a more minimal layout inside. Your eyes are drawn to the window and what’s outside. You rely less on the room itself to make an impression. It’s a great conversation point for when visitors come round. You’ll love to show it off. In the evenings, the lights of the city outside provide an extra source of low mood lighting. It creates the perfect vibe for your place. Your room will also seem larger during the day with a great view. At night, it will feel cosier with the lights stretching out away from you.

Low maintenance

Your goal with the interior design and furniture is low maintenance. Get an open plan design to reduce the amount of furniture you need to buy and take care of. Have a simple kitchen with a breakfast bar to cut down on cooking mess. Make sure you can keep everything clean and clutter free. Get rid of everything that doesn’t have a place. When you have a clutter free space, you have a clutter free mind.


The key to bachelor pad furniture is having no more and no less than you need. You don’t want anything fussy, just simple, sophisticated and comfortable. A leather recliner chair is perfect. It can be your throne and you can point it straight at the TV. It’s the ultimate luxury for after work to sink into your favourite chair. A recliner has the added bonus of looking classy and timeless. Then you may want to invest in a sofa. This is great for when the guys come round and you need the extra seating room.

A simple coffee table will fill some space and look good in the center of the room. It’s somewhere to put drinks and magazines without cluttering up the room. Remember, simple and clutter free is your target here.


You may not be used to decorating your home, but learn to. It will make a world of difference. You don’t have to go overboard, in fact that is not advisable at all! You need simple, statement pieces of art that can dot the walls. It will bring the room in and give it a cosier feel. Keep the walls a sensible, light colour to give the room brightness. Then get some plants. A little greenery around the place will offset the large open plan space. Finish the living space off with a large rug. This is how you find that balance of open, emptiness and warm cosiness. Go simple and minimal with furniture and design, but populate the flat with accessories to bring it all together.


With your own bachelor pad, no one can stop you getting a huge flat screen TV. So go crazy. Get the biggest TV and sound system you can afford. Your entertainment is important here. Even more so when you invite people round for the big game or a movie night. You don’t have to keep the Xbox hidden away either. Invest in any games that you like to keep yourself busy. Connect up online and you can play games with friends across the internet. Better yet, invite people round for a massive gaming session in your new apartment.

The bathroom

Don’t forget the bathroom. This needs to stay clean and neat. Make sure the bathroom fittings are modern and robust. Kit your bathroom out at for a modern and simple design. It’s easy to let the standards slip. However, if you have a special visitor, your bathroom needs to be pristine.

The fun things

If there’s one place you can buy the thing you’ve always wanted, it’s the bachelor pad. Your bachelor apartment is the only time you’ll get away with a pool table, a dart board or a bar. So treat yourself. These fun extras will go down a storm when you invite people over and it’ll always make you smile. A simple, elegant wet bar is always a crowd pleaser at a party or a gathering. Finally, indulge in a King size bed. There’s nothing better than a huge bed all to yourself, especially on a weekend morning.


Finally, it’s worth investing in a couple of pieces of gym equipment if you’ve got the room for it. Why go out for a run or join a gym when you can have it all in your awesome pad? Then you can go straight from the running machine to the bar, then to the TV. Easy.

Your bachelor pad is your one place to make a mark. Don’t be scared of putting your personality into it. Make it simple, sophisticated and tidy. Invest in some serious entertainment, then invite the guys round.

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