How To Communicate With Your Girlfriend

Even the best of us can sometimes feel like we’re speaking a foreign language when it comes to communicating with women. If you find yourself frequently fighting with your significant other over seemingly trivial issues, you might need a quick lesson in communication.


Not Every Problem Needs A Solution

A common mistake many men in relationships is trying to solve problems for their girlfriend rather than accepting that their input isn’t necessarily needed. Often, women just want to talk about something, they don’t need you to come up with a quick fix to the problem. Only offer a solution if they ask you to, and accept that not every situation needs an immediate solution.


Listen Up

It’s easy to tune out and start drifting off into your thoughts if your girlfriend is talking about her day at work or an issue with your friend and you’re not especially interested in the subject matter, but this can quickly escalate into a source of tension. Take the time to listen to what she’s saying and you’ll avoid the ‘did you hear what I said?’ arguments that occur when you miss an important point.


Drop The Jokes

Having a sense of humor and making jokes together is incredibly important to any relationship, but there are moments where it’s appropriate to be serious. Allow yourself to drop the comedy front and talk sincerely from time to time- it will show her that you take her seriously and that you’re comfortable opening up to her.


Ask Questions

If your girlfriend isn’t talking much, she may be waiting for you to ask. Sitting in silence will make her feel like you’re not really interested in how her day was, so take the time to ask questions. If she seems unsettled or upset, don’t stay quiet in an attempt to avoid a confrontation. Ask her what’s wrong and persist if she says that it’s nothing. Many women like to feel that you’re genuinely interested in what’s going on, so dropping the subject earlier could leave her disappointed.


Accept Emotions As They Are

Men often get frustrated in arguments with their partner if they feel that the reasons behind the dispute are emotional rather than logical. There doesn’t always have to be a rational explanation for why someone feels the way they do- accept that her feelings are valid as they are, and don’t try to explain them away.

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