How To Build A Better Bathroom

If your bathroom has seen better days, it may be time to rip it out and install a new one. If the mildew is the only dominant color on the walls, you need to rush down to your local DIY store and get things fixed. Seals and grouting in the bathroom need replacing or retouching fairly frequently. However, if you feel the time has come to get yourself a real man’s bathroom then read on for the ultimate how-to guide.

Bathrooms aren’t just for girls. Men are needing to spend just as long in the bathroom to ensure they are well-groomed for the day. Most men would happily put their hand up and admit the odd long soak in the tub has actually worked wonders on aching legs after a good workout too.

Choosing the finer details of a new bathroom is never easy, especially if you are tackling the challenge reluctantly. Colors are pretty easy in the bathroom though. White for the tub, a toilet and sink – done. You may want to keep the tiles fairly neutral in color too. It is the towels, and other softer touches after you have installed the bathroom that should be used to add a splash of bold color. It may be you want to paint one or more of the walls to save on the cost of tiling too. Use a specialist bathroom paint to reduce the impact of steam and moisture on your walls.

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Having an over-bath shower can be a real nuisance when you are using a shower curtain. It seems to stick to you every time you move and bashing into the wall is literally a pain in the backside. Choosing a curvy P-shape bath or a sleek and square L-shape bath gives you plenty of extra room to take a shower, without needing to install a separate cubicle. Some retailers like Bathshop321 Shower Baths include trendy glass panel shower screens so you can ditch that curtain for good.

The cheapest option for your floor is a linoleum covering. These come in an enormous variety of colors, patterns, and textures to mimic every kind of flooring material you can think of. Alternatively, have the floor tiled and grouted. You may need to reinforce your floor first if it is a weaker floorboard. High-quality tiles on the floor will need to be sealed a couple of times after the grouting has gone off to be certain of a long lasting finish.

Bathroom cabinets can be bought individually, or you can buy a fitted bathroom the same way you would a kitchen. This kind of cabinetry hides all the plumbing and provides useful storage for all your toiletries to be hidden away. Most importantly, it saves hours on cleaning! It is usual for these cabinets to have a white finish like a tub, but there is nothing stopping you adding some personal touches of color. Picking your taps for the sink and bath gives you the opportunity to think about functionality, as well as style. Select your handles for grip as well as appeal.

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