How To Boost Office Morale

The atmosphere of an office can make or break a business. Throw a bunch of miserable, uncomfortable people together and you’ll have an unproductive mess. On the other hand, happy and motivated employees will work hard, push for better results and mirror your ambition. Keeping morale high is a key aspect of leadership and management, and will certainly pay off in the long term.


Avoid The Power Trip

Mutual respect is at the heart of a successful relationship with your staff. While it’s totally normal to get a thrill out of being in charge, don’t let your ego get the best of you. Treat your employees as valued assets to your business at all times, and the same respect should be mirrored back at you. Understand that they are human beings with their own lives and problems, and keep your tone respectful regardless of the circumstances.


Provide Perks

Workplace benefits and perks can be a surprisingly significant source of motivation for your employees. You’re getting something out of them, so make sure they’re getting something back. If you’re on a limited budget and don’t have much room to splash out on perks then these can be small but meaningful additions to the office- free coffee and snacks, a loyalty discount or regular office parties and social events can be just as effective as a company car or gym membership.


Emphasise the Positive

Plenty of managers make the mistake of pointing out mistakes and negative behaviour and ignoring positive results and good performance. Try to become more aware of the good things that you’re employees are doing, and praise them for all of their achievements. When people feel that their hard work is being acknowledged they’re motivated to keep it up, rather than slacking off because it feels like no one is watching.


Set An Example

As a boss, your mood and behaviour will be absorbed into the workplace atmosphere and can spread like wildfire through your employees. If you’re constantly storming around in a stressed out fury, your employees will pick up on the negative behaviour and internalise it. Try to keep your frustrations and worries to yourself in the office and present a positive, calm front. This will reassure and motivate your employees while creating a more cheerful environment for your business.


Deal With Disputes

Workplace arguments and disputes can have a damaging impact on the overall morale of your staff. Step in when it’s necessary to help resolve any problems that may arise- be fair and offer a listening ear to the issues that your employees are raising. A boss who can be trusted to manage disagreements will make the whole workforce feel more secure.

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