How to Become a Better Handyman Around the House

Hiring a handyman can be expensive, especially for those small jobs that need doing. It can also be hard to find one when you need them, so you might end up waiting a couple of weeks for a job to be completed. Having a few DIY skills might be the solution to your home handyman issues. Read on for some suggestions to help you become a better handyman around your house.

Learn how to weld

Need a way to keep all of your tools secure? Maybe you need some way to store your bike? Being able to weld means you can handle a range of jobs around the house. You can design and construct a custom frame to safely store your tools or bike. Making your own gives you the perfect fit for the available space you have in your garage or shed. MIG welders are best for jobs around the home; try visiting somewhere like WIA to find the right size welder, as well as to get the safety equipment you need. Once you’re fully stocked up, you can get to work building the ideal storage solution.

Learn to fix bathroom leaks

It’s never fun having to call a plumber out to fix something small, like a leaking tap or a running toilet. Although I’m sure a plumber in LA or some other big city is fairly accustomed to such calls. Some DIY plumbing skills can help you repair or upgrade fittings in your bathroom, saving you the hassle and expense of hiring a plumber. Keep some thread seal tape on hand at all times, as it helps reduce any leaks around the fixture. Your DIY plumbing skills will certainly pay for themselves if you’re ever faced with a broken showerhead or a dripping tap in the middle of the night.

Pick up some quick carpentry skills

Knowing how to install a shelf or how to fix a door that keeps sticking are valuable skills for any homeowner. So long as you have access to a few tools, you can quickly fit a new shelf to store your valuables. Those annoying sticking doors can be planed down so they swing easily again. A number of hardware stores even provide classes to teach you how to do these helpful jobs, or you can find step by step instructions online.

Take care of plaster problems

An accidental dent or hole in plaster walls can ruin the whole appearance of your room. Rather than covering it up with a piece of furniture, you can learn to fix holes and cracks in plaster all on your own. Most holes and cracks can be fixed with a new piece of plasterboard (cut to size and fitted into the gap) and some plaster adhesive. Any lumps or bumps in the patchwork can be sanded back with fine sandpaper, once it has thoroughly dried out. Repaint the area and it’ll be like the hole was never there.

Doing your own household repairs or upgrades around the home is incredibly satisfying. Rather than hiring tradespeople and trying to fit with their schedule, why not build your own skillset and improve your home yourself? Best of luck!


Photo credit: Andy Merrett on Flickr. CC BY 2.0.

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Published on: September 25, 2016

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