How to Be More Confident in Dating and Other Areas of Your Life

Everyone says that being confident is the key to a successful dating life. If you lack confidence, it’s difficult to get anywhere. You need to be willing to put yourself forward, and at least pretend you’re feeling confident, even if you’re not. But projecting confidence isn’t as easy as being told “be more confident!” , despite how much other people think that will work. To feel or at least appear more confident, you have to work at it. By trying a few tips and tricks, you can project confidence, even if you’re feeling a little self-conscious on the inside. Confidence in yourself is beneficial not just for dating, but for the rest of your life too. Feeling more confident will help you in your work and personal life, so try some of these ways to improve your confidence.

Make Eye Contact

In the Western world, eye contact is important when you’re having a conversation with someone. It shows them that you’re paying attention and that you’re interested in what you have to stay. However, eye contact doesn’t mean staring directly into a woman’s eyes for the whole conversation. That’s creepy. Look at her face and make occasional eye contact, but look away during pauses in conversation and don’t overdo it.

Dress to Impress

As they say, the clothes make the man. Giving your wardrobe new life could make all the difference in feeling more confident in your life. Both in your personal and work life, dressing sharply can give you an edge. You feel more confident, and other people view you with more respect. The most important thing is that your clothes fit you properly. Get some nicely tailored suits and form fitting jeans. You should look smart, not sloppy, and your feelings and projections will begin to match your clothes.

Find the Right Scent

Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses we have. In fact, there are studies that show that smell is strongly linked to memory. If you want women to remember you, find the scent that’s right for you. Choosing cologne can be difficult; you don’t want to smell like a teenager or like an old man. It’s amazing how much the right cologne can do for your confidence and attractiveness. You can even get pheromones for men in colognes, which can help to attract women and make you feel more confident.

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Speak Confidently

So much of how confident you appear is in your speaking voice. Even if you don’t feel confident, speaking clearly and confidently is a huge part of coming across as a confident person. However, be careful with it. Being confident in your speaking doesn’t mean talking over everyone else and not letting other people get a word in. Be confident, but don’t be loud. In fact, that’s good advice for everything you do to improve your confidence. Whether it’s clothes, cologne or talking, have confidence in yourself but don’t be loud and brash. You’ll soon find that women and people in general find you more approachable.

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